Mix-and-Match with the Prime Hub for the Best Floor Tiles in the Philippines

What are the best things about the Mix-and-Match event that FC Tile Depot held last month?

  • Free design consultation
  • Extensive collection of tile choices
  • Knowing how to make a well-informed choice in tile selection



FC Tile Depot launched their first ever official event at FC Tile Depot Roxas Boulevard last March 14 to 18. Putting their customer’s needs at the forefront of the event, FC Tile Depot offered free design consultation which helped them in choosing the right tile design and pattern for their intended application.

Whether you will choose porcelain tiles or vinyl tiles for your Philippine home, who better to ask than the most reliable provider of the best floor tiles in the Philippines?

The company even provided customers with something to munch on as they are assisted in laying out the tiles of their choice, giving a new meaning to the old adage, “Customers are always right”.



Free Design Consultation

Free Design Consultation

As FC Tile customers deserve nothing but the best, and that is why they were assisted by our very own professional architect, and designer. They helped in evaluating not only the aesthetic factors of the designs but also the technical properties which include factors like durability, resilience, and the quality of the tiles.

This is done by FC’s team of experts who helped the clients create actual designs in 3D to envision what their space will look like with their chosen tiles. It was a good day for loyal customers who made use of the free consultation, they were even given the perk of having 10% off their purchase from the selection of the best floor tiles in the Philippines.



Extensive Collection of Tile Choices

Extensive Collection of Tile Choices

Choosing tiles is not an easy task in designing your home. You have to take many things into consideration. Identifying whether you want a bold or a muted design will be a vital factor before installation. That is why it is important to plan ahead so you will know the type of tiles that are well suited for your home or office space. When checking the suitability of your tiles to your design space, think of the size, color, shape, and technical aspects of the tiles along with the room’s lighting, floor area and space among other things.

Good thing that FC Tile Depot is there to help you create your vision and therefore crafting a work of art with the design you will choose for your home. Treating tile installation like you are painting a picture, FC Tile Depot is your co-artist towards this art in home improvement.

The event was a great opportunity for prospective DIYers to seek advice on which style of tiles to choose for their home. It is also an avenue to get the right consultation about maintenance of their tile installations for the loyal FC Tile customers.

With FC’s extensive collection of tile choices, you would think that selecting the perfect tiles to install for your home will be difficult, but the company’s dedication to making sure that you will be given benefits based on your requirements will prove you wrong. Various designs, formats, and tile characteristics can be overwhelming but FC helps their clients to be educated about their choices concerning the right material or right design to make the most out of their purchase.

The best value of tiles will be determined by its presence at your home and visualizing it with FC Tile Depot should be your primary goal. Using tiles to their full potential will also require you of your knowledge on selecting the right products.



Knowing How to Make a Well-Informed Choice in Tile Selection

Knowing How to Make a Well-Informed Choice in Tile Selection

Tiles, once installed, would make or break a design space so it is best to choose wisely. FC Tile Depot previews your design space once tiles are installed and with this, you have a clear picture of what the outcome of choosing the right tile design is going to be.

Additionally, experts will even give you advice on how to mix-and-match different design patterns, colors, or shapes which will greatly improve the aesthetic aspect of your home.

More than the appearance of your tile installation, FC will also tackle the maintenance of your tiling project at their free consultation. This includes proper cleaning, grout sealing, and overall upkeeping of your tiles. This way you can know where you want to install the tiles in the areas of your home.

If you feel like going for simple but elegant, or bold but minimal, FC Tile Depot has your best interest in mind. Using the materials while also considering investment costs and maintenance, FC is the best place to score design pieces for your floor or wall tile selection.

After all, making a choice is different from making an informed choice. FC will help you blur the line between the two with their wide range of knowledge on tile installation.

It sounds great to design your home with FC Tile Depot, right? Then keep an eye out for their next event and channel your inner interior designer with the best pieces of advice that they will give you.



Key Takeaway

The mix and match event brought to you by FC Tile Depot is a great opportunity to think about your next tile installation.

If you are still baffled by which to choose from many other options, do not hesitate to reach FC Tile Depot and receive useful advice from them.

Catch them on their next event to meet their team or you can click here to see more of their tile selections.