Mix & Match: Floor & Wall Tiles

How can you mix and match floor and wall tiles?

  1. Pairing Plain Tiles with Patterned Tiles
  2. Different Finishes
  3. Consistent Patterns and Colors
  4. Strong Floors and Plain Walls
  5. Geometric Tiles


From aesthetics and convenience to quality and functionality, tiles provide many benefits for the different parts of our spaces. When it comes to floor and wall tiles, you’re actually not limited to choosing one over the other. Floor tiles can even be used on your walls. There are endless combinations and options to matching floor and wall tiles. When it comes to design choice, mixing up your tiles will instantly add more depth and layers to your space. Read on for tips and inspiration on how to mix and match floor and wall tiles for your home.

Pairing Plain Tiles with Patterned Tiles

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One of the most common ways to mix and match tiles is combining solid colors with patterns. Picking both for your space gives it a perfect balance when you distribute them evenly. When it comes to mixing patterns for your space, trust your taste and instincts. You can have patterns either on the wall or on the floor. Make sure to always give a healthy mix with your patterns so it doesn’t look too overwhelming. One great tip for this is to distinguish a color from your pattern and make it your solid color. This will give a perfect accent and balance to any part of the room.


Different Finishes

Different Finishes

The mixture of different tile finishes is being seen more often in modern spaces. There are different finishes such as glossy, matte, and rustic. Mixing any of the two for your space gives out a unique, trendy look. It creates a high-low contrast for surfaces and adds visual interest through its texture. Glossy pieces are very appealing to the eye when the light catches it, thus, creating a subtle shine. On the other hand, matte tiles balance it out with its texture. This way of designing your space creates a multi-finish trend. Combining materials and finishes can be tricky, but you will surely find the perfect one to create a completely different and appealing atmosphere.


Consistent Patterns and Colors

Consistent Patterns And Colors1

Consistent Patterns And Colors2

Mixing patterns can be exciting for daring and more creative individuals. But keeping it consistent with patterns and colors is an ideal way of styling for those who want a more harmonious, simple, and cohesive interior. Since consistency is a key principle in design, incorporating this type of style is just as beautiful. Styling your home in one color and pattern is ideal for those who don’t want to spend so much time thinking on how to switch up colors and prefer one shade for their space.


Strong Floors and Plain Walls

Strong Floors And Plain Walls

One of the most common styles is having stronger patterns for walls instead of floors. The other way around could look just as mesmerizing. Having strong floors promotes a bigger, and wider depth to your space. This adds a unique style and theme for your floor and draws more attention to it. Choosing strong, patterned tiles for your flooring over the usual plain tiles, adds a sense of fun and excitement to your space. Even the subtlest patterns stand out in a room.


Different Patterns

Different Patterns

Most people would say that mixing up patterns together can be too much for your space. Although this can be true, it is not the case all the time. When you carefully choose the patterns for your wall and floor tiles, it can give just as much of a beautiful finish. Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns for your floors and walls. Here are a few tips to help you in mixing up your patterns:

  • Use a maximum of two to three patterns in one space. You don’t want to go overboard with this technique.
  • Consider and vary the scale of the tiles you will be using.
  • Use colors of the same intensity. Different patterns work together when they’re of the same colors and hues.
  • The patterns that you use don’t have to come off strong. Balance is still an important factor to consider when using this style. Try to mix soft patterns with strong ones.


Key Takeaway

Tiles offer room for customization to your space with their range of shapes, materials, patterns, and finishes. By taking a look at these tips for mixing and matching floor and wall tiles, you might be able to find a style and design that would give your space a unique look. Click here to check out world-class tile designs from FC Tile Depot that you can incorporate into your home!