Matte vs. Glossy Tiles: Which One Fits Your Home Design?

When it comes to home colors and tile selection, most designers tend to choose between two types to use, and these are matte or glossy tiles. Perhaps two of the most commonly used tiles in any home, a matte or glossy design helps establish the overall look of a room.

With wide selections to choose from, this makes them a very popular local floor tile option. However, the question remains: Which one is the best fit for your home design? Here are some of the best reasons why you should use either one for your home as well as how to know which one is your most ideal choice.


Why you should use matte tiles

[30x90cm] G2c Series 2

When it comes to building a more relaxed and subtle home, using matte tiles is the perfect option. Matte colors offer a set of reserved hues that establish a peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

For the most revered matte tile designs, you can explore the 60×60 Mood collection. This collection carries a wide selection of matte designs that evoke a calming feeling. Mood offers a selection of subtle tones, such as White (M112), Creme (M98-4), Coarse (M96-4), Graphite (M97-4), and Lead (M102-4), along with a few rustic hues such as Tan (M114-4), Copper (M113-4), and Bronze (M108-4).

Here are some of the top reasons why you should use matte tiles in your home design.


Rustic finish

If you are looking for a more traditional and reserved finish for your home, choosing matte tiles is your best bet. Matte tiles add a rustic charm into any home by infusing a more natural look for your rooms. Whether it be wood-like or stone-like styles, matte tiles provide a classic finish that has that down-to-earth allure.


Tranquil and calm colors and feel

One of the advantages of using matte tiles in your home design is that you would be able to create a more tranquil vibe. The subtle and calm colors of matte tiles are perfect for places like your bedroom or bathroom because these are areas where you can relax and unwind.


Durable and slip-resistant

Along with providing subtle colors, matte tiles are also textured, making them very slip-resistant. This makes matte tiles a fantastic choice for outdoor areas, providing a safe surface for you to walk and move around. Matte tiles are also very durable, making them ideal for parts of your home that have high activity, such as your living room or kitchen.


Why you should use glossy tiles

[60x60] M98 4 & [10x30] 13ubc1 And 13ubc3 (1)

If you are looking for a more vibrant approach that will make your interiors stand out, going for glossy tiles is your go-to. Glossy tiles can create a more energetic atmosphere while complimenting other parts of your home interior or exterior to stand out even more.

Sapwood Collection

40×40 Sapwood

Strata Collection

40×40 Strata

For a quality selection of glossy tiles that you can use for your floors, some of the most sought-after options are the 40×40 Sapwood and 40×40 Strata collections. The Sapwood collection offers a glossy pair of patterns for your floor, White (S421) and Beige (S422). White is ideal for spaces like your living room, while Beige gives a subtler shine for places like your bedroom or kitchen.

For a more universal selection, the Strata collection is a set of glossy patterned tiles that can adapt to almost any location of your home. Patterns in the collection include Blanc (S419), Creme (S425), Azul (S420), and Oak (S424).

Here are reasons why using glossy tiles in your home design is the number one choice.


Brightens up a room

One of the most prominent qualities that glossy tiles have to offer is their shine can brighten up an entire room. The reflective surface of glossy tiles helps light bounce off the whole room, which brightens up every corner of the room, creating a livelier environment.


Easy to clean

The reflective and smooth surface of a glossy tile is also an easy surface to clean and maintain. Glossy tile surfaces are shiny, but they are also resistant to liquids and dirt, allowing you to be able to clean them without issue. If you are looking for a tile surface that is simple to maintain, glossy tiles are a quality choice.


Illusion of space

The ability to brighten up a room not only adds more energy and life, but it also helps give off an illusion of space as well. Glossy tiles open up smaller spaces in your home, making the room looks bigger than it is. This is an ideal choice for smaller homes or areas such as living rooms.


Key Takeaway

When it comes to adding another layer of nuance to your interiors, using matte or glossy floor tiles offers up a diverse array of colors that can create the ideal atmosphere. Choosing between the two can be a challenge, but picking the right style will surely elevate your home design. Click here to check out more world-class designs by FC Tile Depot!