Marble-Look Design Trends

What are marble-look design trends?

  1. Classic Look of Black and White
  2. Kitchen Designs
  3. Pieces of Furniture
  4. Textile and Homeware


The marble look has never been out of style. However, it has definitely grown more in popularity over the past few years, especially in the world of interior design and architecture. Marble-look design trends are everywhere nowadays. And it’s not difficult to understand why.

Visually, its features instantly make spaces look fresh, strikingly classic, and expensive. The material has always been associated with refined elegance and luxury. In fact, back in Roman times, marble was actually a statement for wealth. Its price was and still is, definitely not cheap. Fortunately, today, it is made obtainable for everyone thanks to marble-look tiles by FC Tile Depot, which blend the appeal of the actual material and impressive practical characteristics that are perfect for spaces: it is stain-free, porous, low-maintenance, and is perfectly cleanable and hygienic.

The marble look is also versatile. You are not confined to just white. It comes in a wide array of types and colors. Today’s trends are also embracing colored and darker marbles, with decorative textures and finishes.

So if you want to hop on the marble trend, we’ll walk you through some ideas. Let’s take a look at some popular and inspiring examples of how marble is being used around homes:


Classic Look of Black and White

[60x60] Lf6807

Black and white patterned tiles like the 60×60 LF6807 are often used in modern interiors today. Homeowners can just never go wrong with it! This is especially true for people who prefer a minimalist design. The design is incredibly versatile and can harmoniously fit in any space. The textures of marble also present a contrast in a subtle way. It is commonly used in bathrooms, living rooms, and hallways. This works best when the grout is minimal.


Kitchen Designs

Luxury And Modern Kitchen

Trends come and go, but it seems like the class look of marble never gets old in kitchens. Beyond its functional capacity, there are several approaches to amp it up into a completely designed, attractive space made for much more than cooking and daily meals. Everyone’s been all about the lush-looking kitchen countertop with veined marble. It has been a staple design for millions of households around the world. Mainly because it offers a unique look unlike any other and those horizontal workspaces in the middle of your kitchen the star of the show.

And aside from countertops, backsplashes and shelves are also a part of the kitchen that people add marble into. These spaces may seem like a small detail, but it is often the most evident part of the kitchen. Marble-look tiles, with its dramatic veining, almost acts like a piece of art for your kitchen. Additionally, marble-look tiles are also the perfect material to add both beauty and protection for your kitchen. You’ll find that these are easier to maintain and clean.


Pieces of Furniture

[60x60] G0bc 60q

While the marble look is often found on walls and countertops, some have also been incorporating the style into their furniture designs. Homeowners who are looking to infuse some lux, sophistication, and minimalism into their homes instantly add in marble furniture pieces. Choosing the right marble piece comes down to personal preference. Don’t feel like you need to stick to just white. There is actually a wide array of different styles. A simple, colored marble tabletop could actually your solution to bringing your area to life. Some even use marble tables as outdoor furniture since the materials it is made of is also hardy enough to withstand any weather.


Textile and Homewares

3d Rendering Living Room Sofa Background

If you’re one who prefers adding accents and subtle patterns into your space, take some inspiration from the trend of marble textiles, homewares, and accessories. You can start by adding one or two pieces of marble to your room to get a feel of it. Examples of these are candle holders, plates, cups, and plant pots.


Key Takeaway

Marble is timeless. Your home will always be in style when you introduce any of these marble look design trends into your spaces. FC Tile Depot is constantly in the avant-garde of the newest trends in architecture and interior design. Through the years, we have been offering more variations of marble-look tiles. For more tips and tricks on choosing the right tiles for your spaces, contact us today!