Tiles for Sale: Kitchen Floor Themes

What are the kitchen floor themes that you should check out?

  1. Modern
  2. Retro
  3. Rustic
  4. Eclectic


Your kitchen is a very good window for your own design choices. Different people would prefer different designs. Some would just go for anything that will match the tiles for sale that they like, while others are a bit more specific in their theme choices.

There are many kitchen floor themes that people can choose from. They can serve as inspiration or as a basis for your kitchen. Here are a few themes that you might want to consider choosing from!




To achieve a modern theme for your kitchen floor, the most basic thing that you should do is to use black and white—or any gradient of the two colors. A modern look is simple in nature. It is usually sleek and contemporary in feel and is usually finished with an incredibly smooth texture.

Modern floors can be summarized in their words: Clean, Stylish, and Hip. Of course, A Modern doesn’t have to be purely in the grayscale. As long as it is clean and smooth to the eyes of many, it can serve as a Modern theme. The best example of tiles that are used to achieve a modern look is the 10×20 Subway.

The use of pure and somewhat stale colors of the grayscale can make it feel quite masculine. However, adding just a bit of vibrant color can make it more feminine in nature. Modern floor themes fit well into minimalist designs. However, it can also be used in different other kinds of designs when applied correctly.



The floor theme mainly plays with square tiles laid in a straight or diagonal pattern. The most common example of the retro theme is fairly similar to a chessboard with at least two contrasting colors.

Some retro themes use tiles with inlaid designs. When using them, it’s important to emphasize corners and tile connections. The patterns and designs of the tiles will further enhance the design of the whole room by adding another level of depth and texture to it.

The Chroma collection from FC Tile Depot contains multiple tiles that perfectly embody the retro floor theme. The red, blue, yellow, and pink variations are our recommendations for a retro theme.



A rustic theme is usually comprised of rough edges and colors that can give you a balance of coziness and rigidity. This theme plays around the colors of clay, wood, and stone and the colors red, brown, reddish-brown, and the different shades between them.

One look into a rustic themed-floor and kitchen would primarily have a slightly orange to brown-orange coloring. You should also expect the use of wooden tiles and other wooden furnishings. One of the most common ways to achieve a rustic feel is to make use of both wood and red clay. For tiles that are best used for Rustic kitchen themes, check out the 60×60 Verona.

Aside from these, you can also use natural stone tiles that are not too glossy. They make for a more organic feel since it also has an added visual effect such as the patterns in the natural stone.



There are so many kitchen themes that people can choose from. They can be as specific or as broad as designers want them to be. The best part is that kitchen themes are not limited to one style, rather it can be designed into different themes.

An eclectic kitchen floor theme is exactly that—a combination of different concepts and themes into a more streamlined or diverse design. This is the best option for people who can’t really choose between two kinds of themes.

For example, you want to have a modern-rustic theme. You can incorporate minimalism into the rough and rugged feeling of rustic tiles. Eclectic themes take the best of certain concepts and use them to create a unique design that perfectly encapsulates what the clients want!


Key Takeaway

The design of your kitchen can be swayed a lot by your choice of flooring. With so many kinds of tiles for sale, anyone can create their own themes or just choose from a theme that they want to imitate. The bottom line is that when it comes to design, you have the freedom to choose whatever you want.

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