Jazz Up Your Entryways with These 6 Ideas

What are some ideas to jazz up your entryways?

  1. Hang Up a Mirror
  2. Add Some Life with Plants
  3. Make a Statement with a Rug
  4. Get Creative with Tiles
  5. Incorporate Storage
  6. Embrace the Wood Look


Entryways are probably one of the most overlooked spaces in a household, but in fact, they deserve just as much attention as any other area in the home. This is the very first area that visitors see when they step inside. So if you’re looking to make a lasting impression for your home, start it off here! Read on for a list of some easy and affordable ideas for entryways that you can try out!


Hang Up a Mirror

Trust us, you can never go wrong with a mirror in your entryways. Adding in a mirror can help let more light in and make your space feel fairly larger than it is. It also holds a functional purpose! You can use this accessory to get one last view of your look before heading out the door. Additionally, it’s a beautiful home decoration to have. You can easily match one to your preferred aesthetic since there are plenty of shapes, styles, and sizes to choose from!


Add in Some Life with Indoor Plants

Add In Some Life With Indoor Plants

By introducing indoor plants into your entryways, you can easily add in a dash of color, create visual interest, and add in life to the area. It also has a way of making your space look more homey and peaceful. And let’s not forget their ability to purify the air and reduce stress too! No wonder why it’s been on trend these days. Stunning indoor plants that you can add to your entryways are ferns, palm plants, monstera, and the fiddle leaf fig tree.


Make a Statement with a Rug

Here’s another functional and decorative accessory to add! Apart from its ability to remove debris and dirt from shoes, stylish rugs are a great addition to create a stylish entryway. It’s an easy and effective way to make a quick and good first impression. Just make sure to find the perfect size, a material that’s easy to wash, and a color that won’t show off the accumulation of dirt.


Get Creative with Floor Tiles

Minimalistic Interior Of Living Apartment Room

Floor tiles are the ideal choice for entryways because they are customizable, sturdy enough to withstand foot traffic, and easy to clean.

If you want a soft feel for your entryway, gray hues are perfect for this. Want to add in an elegant feel? You can use stone-look or marble-look tiles. If you want to go all out and be decorative, consider choosing geometric patterns or even mosaic tiles.


Incorporate Storage

Entryways are normally the drop-zone for everything – paperwork, keys, bags, or even shoes and jackets. Why not take it up a notch and invest in clever entryway storage ideas? This will instantly add value to your home. There are a bunch of beautiful storage solutions that can level up your entryways. It will also help make the space more organized. You can choose from bag racks, hanging key holders, shoe racks, and storage cabinets!


Embrace the Wood Look

Weave Wooden Chair In White Room For Mockup, 3d Rendering

Wood is a timeless, no-fail interior that will give your guests a warm welcome. It creates a feeling of warmth and coziness the moment you step in. You can incorporate wood to your mirror borders, doors, storage, or even create a statement wood floor.

Moreover, wood-look floor tiles are top flooring option for homes these days because not only does it give off the natural appearance of wood, but it also holds durability and maintainability. It is perfect for high traffic areas like entryways!


Key Takeaway

Your entryways are the perfect area for you to make a great first impression for your home. Use these ideas for entryways that will inspire you started now.

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