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Inkjet Tiles: The New Trend for a Unique Kitchen Style


Featured Floor Center tile: 6187 – Texan stone (60×60 cm)


Everyone loves the kitchen. It is a favorite place in the house especially by those who love to cook. Because it is a common and frequently visited area by a household, it should not be exempted from having an exceptional interior.

Not known to many, inkjet tiles are gradually making its way to the top of the market as they take tile style to a whole new level. They are patterned uniquely, making tiles distinct from each other. To make it more interesting, they usually come in a matte or a rustic texture.

Kitchens play a vital role in a household, so a clean-looking one is basically essential. Thus, inkjet tiles are definitely a perfect choice for kitchen flooring as it exudes neatness, calmness, and sophistication.

With a highly-textured finish, your kitchen flooring will go from minimalistic to extraordinary!