5 Industrial Style Design Ideas

What are some industrial-style design ideas?

  1. Open floor plan
  2. Stunning exposed beam ceilings
  3. Cozy neutral-colored industrial dining
  4. Modern industrial bathroom
  5. Wood and concrete industrial look


More and more interior design enthusiasts are looking for a tile supplier in the Philippines to recreate industrial-style design ideas in their own homes. Today, industrial elements are incorporated in loft apartments, contemporary homes, and even commercial spaces.

Industrial design is known for its unique style concept of displaying building materials that many will otherwise try to conceal. It adds a raw look that embraces functionality and style. Think neutral hues, wood, concrete, and metal elements, and exposed objects.

So whether you’re pursuing a loft renovation project or simply drawn to the style, there are numerous ways you can incorporate industrial style design ideas into your space. Read on!


Open Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan

[60×120] Y1AC-61QE + [60×60] P1414

What comes to your mind when thinking of an industrial-style home? Chances are you will picture wide urban lofts. This is because a key characteristic of industrial style design is an open floor plan.

Having an open floor plan is a great way to make your home more spacious. If you have a smaller space, you can strategically take the wall partitions down that divide the dining area and living room just as in the interior above. To avoid making the space have an unappealing empty vibe, you can make the walls and ceilings focal points. Have big wall windows and ceiling windows that let plenty of sunlight in for a cozier environment.

The living room that is connected to the dining room above is a great example of how to combine modern and industrial style design while creating an inviting vibe. The crimson kitchen accent and brown counters and cabinets add interest to the otherwise cold home.


Stunning Exposed Beam Ceilings

Stunning Exposed Beam Ceilings

[60×60] P127-7

The kitchen is one of the areas in the house that you can easily renovate to have a chic industrial style design. Most industrial spaces have that “unfinished” look of warehouses and factories. Achieving this can be challenging for certain spaces of a home, but when it comes to the kitchen, simply leaving raw elements will do the job.

Take inspiration from the exposed beam ceilings in the kitchen above. Leaving out the beam ceilings not only adds plenty of architectural wow factor to the kitchen but also cuts down further construction and makes the area look more spacious.

The hanging lighting takes advantage of the beams and adds color interest to the design. Adding some vibrant plants act as living accessories that enhance your decor. The long wooden-topped kitchen counters and wooden dining set can surely make your guests feel comfortable in the inviting ambiance.


Cozy Neutral-Colored Industrial Dining

Cozy Neutral Colored Industrial Dining

[60×120] 1305 + [60×60] L6833

When you want a home in a certain style, it’s always best to start with choosing the color palette. The color palette is essential because all the decor elements in the room should work harmoniously with it.

The industrial style favors neutral hues with warm color variations. So much of industrial decor embraces contrast such as light and dark colors, however, you will also need to infuse touches of wood to keep the palette balanced and avoid a cold look.

The industrial dining room above combines neutral colors with brown and burnt colors to make the space feel cozier. If you think neutral-colored walls are too cold for your taste, you can explore different textures. Adding gold veined black floor tiles and light grey veined white wall tiles should have no problem with achieving your desired effect.


Modern Industrial Bathroom

Modern Industrial Bathroom

[90X180] L0D8FF-33E

You don’t always have to fully incorporate the industrial style design in hopes of creating a unique look to your home. Being selective with adding industrial elements is a great way to complement other designs and still embrace that glamorous factory look. Try to use industrial elements as accessories.

The modern industrial bathroom above has a traditional sleek black color palette that is softened with gold touches, stunning veined floor and wall texture, and a contemporary freestanding cement tub. A delicate round side table and towel holder with matching gold metal legs complement the tub without interrupting the flow of the wall and floors.


Wood and Concrete Industrial Look

Wood And Concrete Industrial Look

[60×60] M120-4 + [20×100] AI211

A no-brainer in creating an industrial look is to combine old and new decor materials. The best way to do this is to add interesting textures to your overall design. For instance, a plethora of wood and concrete surfaces can be found in industrial-style homes.

Try to have wood-look floor tiles and add the same texture to your console tables, lamps, and wall accents. Then, have different texture concrete wall tiles. You might be surprised how combining these two elements does an excellent job of creating a cozy ambiance.


Key Takeaway

In this style guide, we listed some of the best industrial-style design ideas you can use as inspiration in your own home. As you have read, industrial style is all about creating a raw look.

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