5 Ideas for Your Bedroom Redesign

Are you thinking about redesigning your bedroom? Check out some ideas that we have for you!

  1. Modern light wood
  2. Oriental-inspired style
  3. Dark gray look
  4. Elegant marble-look bedroom
  5. Luxury brown hotel look


In this guide, we have rounded up the best bedroom redesign ideas. Such an essential dwelling space needs to be spruced up, don’t you think?

A stunning redesigned bedroom can create wonders for your entire home. Aside from an added aesthetic factor, nothing beats coming home to a bedroom where you can fully relax and enjoy.  As the leading tile supplier in the Philippines, we’ll tell you that designing a bedroom means paying attention to the choice of floors, walls, and accessories. Continue reading to learn more.


Modern Light Wood

Modern Light Wood

[60×120] XPY61226F-1

The modern bedroom style is rising to popularity among aspiring home designers. For a good reason, it creates a serene and minimalist ambiance. Ever wanted a modern bedroom redesign? With the right selection of floor tiles, accessories, furniture, and color schemes, you can get this bedroom look.

Modern design embraces natural materials, particularly wood, as seen in the photo. You’ll want to opt for light wood-look floor tiles that do the job of creating a clean look, without ruining the calm vibe. Pair the floor tiles with neutral colors such as gray, white, black, or brown.

For the furniture, minimalist platform bed frames that come in a matching neutral color will exude the modern vibes with ease. Have a functional couch on one corner with a touch of wood. Brighten the entire space with wide windows, metal standing lamps, and cove wall lighting. A bit of lush green potted plants will increase the relaxation factor of any modern bedroom.

All there’s left to do is the lighting and decor. Choose round lampshades and scatter them as you see fit for better illumination. For your decor, a piece or two of classic landscape paintings can make the space feel more relaxing.


Oriental-Inspired Style

Oriental Inspired Style

[60×60] ME6010

If you’re interested in adding some oriental influence to your bedroom, you’ll want to know that it requires a few key elements to achieve the vibe. The oriental-inspired style draws on Asian traditions such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese among others. Take a look at how the photo embodied the Japanese design by being minimalist and embracing natural elements.

To really achieve an oriental motif, focus on freeing clutter and natural wood texture. A suitable design option would be to use 60×60 floor tiles in a beige color. To draw on the coziness of the oriental design, use contemporary wooden beam ceilings and Japanese paper screens. It’s important to maintain a Zen-like sense of calm in your Asian bedroom while maintaining the elegance of the decor.

For this bedroom, go for wooden furniture, crisp white decor, and ambient lighting pieces. Make sure that the wood veneer furniture matches the drawers, desks, center tables, and chairs.


Dark Gray Look

Dark Gray Look

[60×60] ME6615

Dark bedrooms offer a glamorous and contemporary look that will leave anyone in awe. The secret to avoiding a dull, cave-like feel is to balance the color against the rest of the space’s decor.

To achieve this look, go for gray tiles that match the hue of the walls. One striking feature in this photo is the use of standout geometric wall decor. It serves as a contrasting effect against the dark gray concrete look space. You can create the same contrasting effect with gray upholstery and wood finishing as well.

The platform bed features a unique wooden headboard and the use of plants fit the entire contemporary appeal of the bedroom. Decor fittings like curtains, pillows, and blankets are all in neutral colors to balance the walls and floors as well.


Elegant Marble-Look Bedroom

Elegant Marble Look Bedroom

[60×60] LF6807

With a dramatic and luxurious vibe, marbles are popularly known to instantly transform a bedroom. One look at this photo will remind you of class. It is usually the kind of bedroom that you see in the most expensive house tours. Fortunately, you can use marble-look tiles to come up with your own sophisticated bedroom redesign.

These dark 60×60 tiles are the best choice for showcasing the natural aesthetics and luster of precious stones. With its free-flowing vein texture, it will be an absolute standout.

To fully embody the elegant vibe, opt for dark decor elements — may it be gray upholstery or matching dark cabinets. Opt for bold accessories like oversized plants, large headboards, and even ultra-modern wooden counters. Check out how the photo makes use of open floor plans with the ambient-lighted closet as well.


Luxury Brown Hotel Look

Luxury Bedroom White With Bed Premium Photo

[60×60] G0JBC-06QE

Ever wanted to come home to a hotel loft-like bedroom every day? You can take inspiration from this elegant bedroom photo and use a brown palette for your own space. As an incredibly versatile neutral hue, the color brown can add a sense of coziness and modernity.

First, you’ll want to focus on the overall interior look. The floor tiles and walls must have a brown color or neutral palettes at the most. Then, opt for dark wood panels and brown furnishings.

Decorating with different shades of brown such as mocha brown or chocolate brown, like in this space, adds endless visual interest and depth to the bedroom. Mix in a brush of neutral-colored accessories like white potted flowers and white pendant lamps to infuse more richness to the space.


Key Takeaway

This design guide curated some of the best bedroom redesign ideas. From modern light wood to oriental-inspired styles — all of these can easily spruce up your own space.

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