Here’s How You Can Turn Your Bathroom into A Spa-Like Sanctuary

How can you turn your bathrooms into a spa-like sanctuary?

  1. Marble-Look Tiles
  2. Add Mirrors
  3. Use Large Format Tiles
  4. Add Aromatherapy
  5. Add Textures of Wood
  6. Upgrade Your Faucets and Sanitary Ware


Spas and hotels are clearly some of the greatest places to de-stress and unwind. Simply marching into a spa soothes your mind with its relaxing aesthetics, calming aromas, and cool floors. Well today, you’re in luck because we’re here to show you how you can turn your home bathrooms into your own personal spa-like haven.

The best part is that these spa bathroom ideas don’t break the bank and don’t take much to achieve.


Marble-Look Tiles

Marble Look Tiles

Want to totally convert your bathroom into an opulent, spa-like environment? Look no further, marble look tiles can achieve this in an instant! Its attractive characteristics and unique attributes bring out a luxurious and classic facade whether it be on your floors, countertops, or walls.  You can never go wrong with the finish of the marble, it ties in perfectly to the classic beauty in spas and hotel bathrooms.

Actual marble material can be rather expensive and is more susceptible to coloration. This is where the Goddess Collection comes in handy — it presents exquisite style while keeping costs down substantially. To add to that, you get to reap the wonderful benefits of tiles along the side. It makes it a functional and practical pick to add to your bathroom spa.

Tiles are incredible material used in bathrooms because they are water-resistant, durable, low-maintenance, affordable, and the design options in the Goddess Collection are endless!


Add Mirrors

Add Mirrors

We all know the hygienic and sanitary advantages of adding a mirror to the bathroom. Whether you’re indulging in a face mask, shaving, or brushing your teeth, mirrors give you the ability to do your self-care efficiently. Furthermore, staging your bathrooms with mirrors creates more space visually and physically – perfect for a spa-like set-up!

When your bathrooms lack in space, adding mirrors can accomplish the feel of additional square footage by breaking visual clutter and expanding walls. Especially if you are planning to add marble and bright finishes to your bathrooms. The bright and light colors will reflect back from the mirror, adding brightness and light. A perfect place boosts your mood after long and tiring days.


Use Large Format Tiles

Use Large Format Tiles

You’d be happy to know that you can easily recreate a hotel bathroom with large formal tiles! If you’re on the lookout for the best tile dimensions for your walls and flooring of your spa-like bathrooms, consider affixing large format tiles. Tiles above 60×60 have minimal grout lines, create a more lustrous appearance, provide a feeling of spaciousness, and bring in a dramatic and sleek feel to the bathroom.

Installing them on your walls can additionally be a durable and practical alternative to the traditional wallpaper feature. There is little to no maintenance. All you have to do is wipe the tiles with a microfiber cloth.

And thanks to the advances in the tile industry today, tiles can be made to resemble marble, concrete, wood, or any of your favorite finishes. You’ll never run out of options to choose from.


Add Aromatherapy

When you walk into your favorite spa, one of the first things that set the mood is the relaxing scent of the space. Want to recreate this? Add aromatherapy to your bathrooms. This can be done with a burner or room spray. If you want to take it up a notch, add an essential oil diffuser. Essential oil diffusers provide several benefits. Essential oils can purify the air, is a safer alternative to candles, and come in different scents. You can choose from lavender, sweet orange, grapefruit, peppermint, and so much more!


Include Textures of Wood

Include Textures Of Wood

If your taste tends to lean toward more on nature, add wood into your bathrooms! Wood instantly adds a natural impression of warmth and hominess to any space. However, actual wood may not be a practical selection to include in your bathrooms because they will most likely contract with changes in humidity and can be damaged easily.

For a more affordable and practical option, there is a wide selection of quality wood-look vinyl tiles at FC Tile Depot. No one will ever guess that it isn’t actual wood! In addition, you get even more benefits when you install vinyl tiles for your bathrooms because they are very easy to install, are budget-friendly, and are extremely durable!


Upgrade Your Faucets and Sanitary Ware

Your faucets and sanitary wear play a huge role in the aesthetics and functionality of your spa-like bathroom. When choosing a faucet and sanitary wear, remember to choose a material that is high enough to accommodate your sink and countertops. And if you’re planning to make your space more cohesive, select from modern collections. FC Tile Depot’s selection of faucets and sanitary wear has a wide array of choices to choose from. Click here to browse through them!


Key Takeaway

Turn your bathrooms into an elegant, calming, spa-like sanctuary with these spa bathroom ideas! You can easily come home to a soothing sanctuary after your long days and hectic schedules. Click here to explore more world-class products with FC Tile Depot!