How to Style Tiles in Different Layouts

How can you style tiles in different layouts?

  1. Linear Brick
  2. Checkerboard Pattern
  3. Vertical Brick Bond Layout
  4. Herringbone Pattern
  5. Linear Accent Wall


Aspiring home designs are often wondering how to spruce up their rooms, however, not many are thinking about how to style tile in different layouts. There are different tile sizes in the Philippines and each one can be used to form different patterns. Tiles are versatile in design, which can make a dramatic difference for your home’s interior or even exterior aesthetics.

Whether you love a classic grid pattern or you’re ready to explore other statement patterns, here are some ideas on how to style tiles in different layouts that can be a game-changer in any space. We recommend checking with your local tile supplier in the Philippines before tiling to make sure you have stocks for your chosen pattern.


Linear Brick

Linear Brick [7.5x30] 730wcn2 + [60x60] Eg18 Dark Grout

[7.5×30] 730WCN2 + [60×60] EG18

If you would like to go for a basic tiling layout, have a linear brick pattern by stacking rectangular 7.5x30cm sized tiles in a straight line. This type of tile pattern helps create a beautifully clean and simple look in any room, with fewer grout lines.

Linear brick tile installations are ideal if you want to add a contemporary feel to your home. Its straight grid format gives off a minimalist vibe that is perfect for kitchen and bathroom spaces. The best part is that rectangular-shaped tiles like the730WCN2 can expand the visual appearance of your room, thus making you think that the size of the area is larger than it is.

To avoid creating a dull and unappealing linear brick look, you can play around with eye-catching color variations. Take inspiration from the sage green design in the interior above.


Checkerboard Pattern

Checkerboard Pattern [60x60] L6807

[60×60] L6807

One of the most timeless choices in tile floor layouts is the checkerboard pattern. This layout delivers a geometric look that can be used to create a classic chic style on floors as well as on accent walls and kitchen backsplashes.

Create a checkerboard tile pattern by alternately laying two square-shaped tiles next to each other. The traditional approach is to simply use black and white tiles, but other color combinations can be just as effective as long as the contrast is distinct.


Vertical Brick Bond Layout

Vertical Brick Bond Layout [7.5 x 30] 730WBC7

[7.5 x 30] 730WBC7

If you want to create the illusion of a long and spacious room, the vertical brick bond layout is for you. The tiles should simply be stacked vertically to make the walls of your space appear taller and create a unique geometrical look. Take inspiration from the tile layout that was used in the interior above for a unified and minimalist Zen feel.


Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone Pattern [10x20] 12KAW1 + [60X120] 1305

[10×20] 12KAW1 + [60X120] 1305

The herringbone pattern is perfect for adding interest and impact to an otherwise dull and small room space. Achieve the herringbone pattern by laying rectangular tiles at a 45-degree angle.

Commonly used on wood-look floors, the “V” pattern of the herringbone acting like arrows draws eyes across the room. This effectively creates an illusion of an elongated space. For this reason, the herringbone pattern is ideal for narrow hallways, entryways, bathrooms, and dining rooms. For a stunning focal point, you can also use herringbone tiles for your kitchen backsplash or inside your shower area.


Linear Accent Wall

Linear Accent Wall

[60×60] M71 + M1524

One of the best ways to give an elevated look and feel to your living room is to create a linear accent wall. Accent walls can change an entire room’s feel because, by definition, its design should differ from other walls in the room either by color or texture.

The living room above has an industrial look because of the textured gray accent wall tile against the ceramic-look floor tiles. When matched with statement furniture pieces like a bright yellow couch, accent walls serve as a complementary backdrop.


Key Takeaway

As you have read, there are plenty of tile layouts that provide endless design opportunities. If you have a tile project anytime soon, don’t forget to check out the FC Tile Depot collections for more product options by clicking here. We are the leading tile supplier in the Philippines so we can help you create the perfect tile pattern that will surely transform your home.

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