How to Make Your Space Feel Classy

How can you make a space look and feel classy?

  1. Marble-Look Tiles
  2. Natural Light
  3. Indoor Plants
  4. Arrange Your Furniture


Decorating your home can be expensive. When it comes to classy spaces, it may seem overwhelming to see how much fabrics, rugs, and furniture you feel like you need to purchase to achieve this particular style. However, some things can be easily done to get a high-end look without breaking the bank. If you are on the lookout for how to create classy spaces, here are the best ways. From furniture placement to affordable quality tiles, these are a few simple tips you need to know to transform your interiors without spending a fortune.


Marble-Look Tiles

Marble is a timeless look that can instantly enhance the look of floors, countertops, bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, or any area in your home. But most marble options can fall outside your budget. There is a way to achieve a smooth marble look without sacrificing quality. Porcelain tiles provide you with elegant designs that are also strong and reliable. Tiles from the 60×60 Goddess and 60×60 King Kong Collection offer a wide range of options with a marble finish. These tiles are flexible, versatile, beautiful, and affordable for all of your remodeling needs.


60×60 Goddess Collection

60x60 Goddess Collection


60x60 Goddess Collection1

Tiles from the Goddess collection are sophisticated and exude a tasteful aesthetic. It gives off a clean and pure look with cream or white backgrounds as well as beautiful colored veining. Their polished finish greatly compliments natural light. With colors like Himalaya (EG1G), Carrara (EG17), Crema Margill (EG18), Thassos (EG19), and Blanco (EG20), the Goddess Collection is a large set of marble patterned tiles that are extremely capable of making your space look more refined.


60×60 King Kong Collection

60x60 King Kong Collection

Dark tones of marble add an interesting, textured look. This collection of tiles would be an excellent pick if you want something a little more structured. Shades of gray can be a great color asset and perfect for adding a dignified appeal to your space. The King Kong Collection consists of a set of tiles with colors such as Graphite (EOD8FA-18EA), Fossil (EOD8FA-17EA), and Pebble (EOD8FA-19EA). These designs are versatile for your fashionable space. They can serve as your main color or as an accent.


Natural Light

Natural Light

Lighting in spaces is often overlooked. All the beautiful furniture, tiles, and walls in your space will look bland without sufficient light. To create a graceful atmosphere in your home, incorporating natural light is a must-have feature to make it feel and look classy. Not only does this make up the aesthetic, but spaces that are exposed to natural daylight have said to make improvements in general wellbeing and mood. Natural light can make a room appear more uplifting and will give a sense of more space.




Indoor plants are actually an essential component of interior design. They also serve as a good accent for classy spaces. Plants stand out and can even function as the only piece of accessory to add to your space. Indoor plants are very popular nowadays because not only do they give a fresh look to your home, but they are also easy to take care of and provide many health benefits. They are visually pleasing and studies have shown that indoor plants can even boost mood and productivity. Some plants that you can include in your space are air plants, aloe vera, cast iron plants, and succulents.


Furniture Arrangement

Furniture Arrangement

Classy interiors are known to be spacious. The way that you place your furniture plays a big role in how your space will turn out. No matter how big or small your space is, you’ll be amazed at how different it can look by just simply moving a piece of furniture. Get creative with the layout of your space and experiment with placement and you’ll surely find the best arrangement and feel for you. Make sure to not overcrowd the furniture pieces in your home. Just try working with whatever pieces you have. If you decide to purchase furniture, avoid those that are too boxy and bulky. Look for pieces that look slim and sleeker for a simple, cleaner, and classier look.  You can even opt for investing in a corner couch to free up space.


Key Takeaway

Transforming your home doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money on expensive interiors and accessories. There are many affordable options on how to create a classy space. Marble-look tiles are the classiest and most elegant tiles to give your space a stylish makeover. Not only do they add a luxurious touch into any home interior, but they are also high-quality tiles that are very durable and long-lasting. Click here to check out more opulent designs with FC Tile Depot!