How to Set Your Room’s Mood with Color

How can you set your room’s mood with color?

  1. Pastel for Kids Rooms
  2. Clean and Pristine with Marble
  3. Go Classy and Luxurious with Gray
  4. Cozy and Comforting with Wood
  5. Small Splashes of Vibrant Color


At one point, you’ve probably walked into a room and instantly felt a sort of way. Whether it be happy, energized, calmed, or even felt like you were surrounded by luxe and class. Well, chances are, it all had to do with the colors of the space. In fact, there’s a whole science to it called the psychology of colors where each color is associated with different moods and feelings. This is incredibly useful and powerful when it comes to decorating your home! If you want to transform your home into a place that you really want to be in, it is essential to learn how to set the room mood with colors.

When you pick the perfect one, you can instantly bring a feeling of a new space. Much like you’ve done a complete home renovation! From fun pastels to class and luxury, we have a list of some of our favorite mood-setting colors. Harness the power to breathe in new life for any room in your home!


Pastel for Kids Rooms

[60x60] M77

[60×60] M77

Thinking of what color to incorporate to your little one’s sanctuary? Pastels are always a good idea. They are less saturated and paler than primary colors, which is why it makes it so sweet, light, soft, and calming. It’s perfect to set the mood to kid’s rooms or for the new room for the little one. Plus, you’re not only limited to just baby blue and pink. You have tons of options available like muted green, pale yellows, and soft purples! What’s more, pairing it with white flooring makes it even better. It balances it out and extenuates the mood further.


Clean and Pristine with Marble

[60x60] Lf6825 [40x80] Km2

 [60×60] LF6825 [40×80] KM2

Clean, crisp, and refreshing — marble perfectly embodies these. This is why you’ve mostly seen white marble-look tiles almost everywhere today. In bathrooms, living rooms, powder rooms, closets, and even kitchen countertops. It is a go-to for most homeowners today. It promotes cleanliness, minimalism, brightness, and even adds a touch of elegance with its beautiful veins. Who wouldn’t want to come home to that?

On the contrary, if you opt for sleek, luxe, and sophistication, black marble is the way to go.


Go Classy and Luxurious with Gray

[60x60] G0ac 51qea

[60×60] G0AC-51QEA

Gray is the color you should turn to if you want to instantly make your home classier and luxurious than it is. It is a very powerful color on its own and adds depth wherever it goes. However, for some, gray may carry some negative connotations and may come off as lifeless and dull. But really, all it takes is choosing the right finish and tile size. When you are aiming for luxury, make sure you add in touches of sheen and gloss to your flooring to emphasize the color and the light coming into your space. You should also ensure that you choose the right tile sizes such as 60×60 tiles to make the space feel wider and more spacious.


Cozy and Comforting with Wood

Bedroom With Flowers

[40×40] F53

There’s just something about wood that makes everything feel warm, natural, grace, cozy, and comforting. This has been proven for years and years through the many homes that are utilizing the wood aesthetic to their home. When you choose wood-look tiles for your flooring, it will immediately elicit comfort – much like you are at a cabin in the woods. You can try this out as statement walls, in high beams, ceilings, your flooring, or even as simple as your furniture.


Small Splashes of Vibrant Color

[10x20] 12gcl3

[10×20] 12GCL3

If you’re more into plain and simple, yet want to add in some sort of mood and vibe to your space, adding in any splash of color will ultimately do the trick. Even the littlest chunk of your space will make all the difference for your home. There are so many colors to choose from like yellow. Add a yellow color for your walls to create if you want to create a brighter and positive space, a splash of blue for calmness and confidence, green for freshness, and more! Plus, they all match with white interiors. So you’ll never have to worry about mixing and matching.


Key Takeaway

Once you learn how to set the room mood with color, you have the power to transform your space into any way you want it. Whether it be luxury, homey, comforting, and clean, it is definitely achievable with the help of color.

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