6 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Tile for Your Home in 2019

What are the 6 reasons to choose vinyl tiles for your home?

  1. Durable
  2. Comfortable
  3. Resistant to stains
  4. Low water absorption
  5. Easy to install
  6. Luxurious options


Vinyl tiles in the Philippines are synthetic cousins of linoleum, and are considered resilient because they can return to their original shape even when these are compressed by heavy loads. Since 1950s, it has become the preferred affordable home floor tile over linoleum. These are good reasons why you should choose this popular tile for your home in 2019.




Over time, vinyl’s durability has also improved thanks to technological developments. These tiles, despite their low price, can last in your home for at least 10 years. Tiles with low durability break because homeowners keep on walking on them, but vinyl tiles will not even have a lot of foot traffic.




Vinyl is a very comfortable floor for your foot to walk on for three reasons. It generally has a smooth surface and this makes it very soft. Vinyl tiles do not easily get cold so you do not have to worry about freezing. Lastly, these tiles are now installed with a foam padding and it reduces the possibility of you feeling pain while going around the house.


Resistant to Stains

Resistant To Stains

 It is important that your floors are stain resistant because if they are not, then they will be more prone to permanent discoloration. A stain-resistant floor prevents liquid and dirt substances from physically damaging the surface and shortening its life span.

Vinyl tiles are stain-resistant because the wear layer has a polished finish which prevents liquids from being absorbed by the interior and changes the color of the vinyl’s design. When a liquid such as juice or nail polish drops, you can easily mop it away with some water and soap. Dirt and debris can be easily swept away with a vacuum.


Low Water Absorption

Low Water Absorption

Vinyl tiles in the Philippines absorb little water compared to before because the versions now have 4 layers instead of three. Because it is quite resistant to water, vinyl is a very practical choice of flooring for your kitchen and bathrooms. With water-proof vinyl tiles, you can have wooden flooring without worrying about mold developing in your house because they resemble wood.


Easy to install

Easy To Install

Vinyl tiles are easy to install because they already have a peel and stick mechanism in its backing layer. You simply just have to glue each individual tile down.

The only thing you need to worry about is making sure all of these factors are checked so you will have a worry-free installation:

  1. Make sure you have a smooth surface, with no bumps.
  2. Plywood and smooth concrete seed are the best foundations for a vinyl tile.
  3. Make sure the floor tiles have a small gap of space away from the walls, so it still has space to expand if needed.
  4. Cut the jambs and casing underneath the doors to make vinyl tiles easily slide under them.


Luxurious optionsLuxurious Options

Even with their low price point, vinyl tiles allow you to live in a home of elegance with its luxurious-like options. Usually, these options are natural stone and wood replicas and manufacturers accomplish making them by combining realistic photos and interesting textures. This is because high-end homeowners want to have a floor that looks “real”, without paying the steep price of these materials.


Key Takeaway

Key Takeaway

Vinyl tiles are one of the best additions to your home’s design. Developments in the flooring industry have made these products fulfill the many needs of homeowners. Thus, it is vital to know the important reasons why you should choose vinyl tile for your home in 2019. In FC Tile Depot, you can find vinyl tiles worth your money so make sure to check out our tile collections here.