Home Office Design Tips

What are some good home office design tips?

  1. A Good Location
  2. Choose Functional Home Interior and Furniture
  3. Incorporate Motivating Colors and Accessories
  4. Lighting


With continuous stay-at-home orders, employees around the world are discovering that it’s not as easy as it seems. You’ve probably set up your workplace inside a spare room or in a corner at the far end of your house to get away from everyone else. Given that it will not be business-as-usual any time soon, you might want to start settling into an established space at home and incorporate some home office design tips. Working from home is definitely the new normal and you’re going to need an area that fosters ultimate engagement and productivity. That being said, here are some home office design tips to include in your home working spaces.


A Good Location

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One of the biggest reasons why you’ve been feeling unmotivated and less productive during this time is the lack of boundaries that separates work from home. Unlike your routine before the pandemic, working at home doesn’t require you to get ready and physically leave the house to go to work.

Dedicate a space in your home exclusively for business matters. Be it a quiet corner or a spare room. This establishes some kind of psychological boundary that keeps you in a working state of mind. The ideal space is a place that is free from work-time distractions and traffic flow.


Choose Functional Home Interior and Furniture

Choose Functional Home Interior And Furniture

Once you’ve chosen an exclusive space for your home office, it’s time to start designing! Be creative and incorporate interiors that cater to your personal preference, but make sure that these are equally beautiful and functional. Choose interiors and furniture that serve you. You would want to maximize the use of the items that you include in your space.

Let’s start with the flooring. You may not realize it, but your flooring choices impact your office spaces more than you realize. Consider durability. You wouldn’t want to keep updating your flooring every few years because of furniture scratches and coffee stains. Additionally, the last thing that we want in offices is extra work. So when you’re deciding on flooring for your office, make sure to pick a material with little to no maintenance.

Next on the list is your furniture. When you’re choosing furniture for your home office, seek for it to be ergonomically correct. This means furniture that you are most comfortable in, especially if your job requires you to sit in front of a computer all day. Comfort in furniture could make all the difference in your productivity. Chairs should support your back and tables should be the ideal height.

Lastly, make sure to include enough storage solutions for your space. Clutter is one of the biggest causes of distraction while working. Ensure that you have enough storage needs to organize your papers and books.


Incorporate Motivating Colors and Accessories

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Now is the perfect time to get creative and add touches of your personality to your office space. This is the room you’ll be spending most of your hours in, so it’s best that you are surrounded by an environment that makes you happy. Incorporate your favorite color or add bits of shades that are linked to productivity such as green, yellow, or blue.

You can also decorate your spaces with inspirational and motivational items such as artwork, mugs, books, quotes, vision boards, or even family pictures.




Don’t overlook the lighting of your office. Lighting is actually one of the biggest contributors to work productivity and choosing the right lighting will make workflow easier in your home office. Low light or dull light may make you feel lazier, unproductive, and unmotivated. The best lighting for offices is usually natural light.  It betters the mood and increases energy levels. If you can, choose a spot that is near the window. But make sure that you have shading to prevent damage to your computer screen.

However, if natural lighting is unavailable, choose artificial light in the right brightness and undertones.


Key Takeaway

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused millions of people around the world to quarantine at home and a huge chunk of this population consists of workers and employees who are continuing their work routines in their own spaces. If there’s anything that the outbreak has taught remote employees is that it is practical to dedicate space at home for work matters. With these home office design tips, you will be able to create a space that offers you maximum productivity and a way to cope during these unprecedented times. Click here to check out more tips with FC Tile Depot!