Hexagon Tiles You Can Use for a Stylish Bathroom

Infog Hexagon Tiles You Can Use For A Stylish Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. It is a place where you can clean and freshen yourself up, and give time for yourself to relax and unwind while doing so. Bathrooms are meant to be clean and relaxing places in your home, which is why it is best to pick the best styles, fixtures, and floor tiles from the Philippines in order to have a stylish and beautiful bathroom that matches with the rest of your home.

When it comes to bathroom styles and designs, one of the most important elements is picking the right types of tiles, as this can make or break your design, which can spell the difference between a good looking bathroom or one that doesn’t fit your style. There are a wide variety of styles and designs to pick and to go through, and with dozens upon dozens of tiles to choose from, it can be very challenging to pick the best ones.

If you are looking for tile designs that will help enhance your bathroom’s style, one of the best options would be using hexagon tiles. Providing a unique design that stands out from the conventional square and rectangle tiles, allowing you to expand your design options even further, and find the right one that fits your home best. Along with the wide variety of design options, it is also worth noting the different types of bathrooms, along with the best ways to apply hexagon tiles into your bathroom design. Let us take a look at the different types of bathrooms, along with the different design choices that will surely make your bathroom stand out.


Types of Bathrooms

Revised Types Of Bathroom

There are a handful of different bathroom types that can be present in a home, with each providing certain purposes and functionality that helps fit your home needs. These bathroom types are also dependent on the size of your home. Smaller home design choices might require a more space-friendly bathroom type for more balance.

Deciding to pick between these standard bathroom types is also a crucial factor when it comes to picking the right design choices. There can be some styles that might not fit smaller or larger bathroom types. This can cause your home design to feel mismatched. With that in mind, here are each type of bathrooms you can have in your home, what they offer, and how they can fit your home needs.


Full Bathroom

As the name suggests, a full bathroom offers the complete bathroom package. They contain a toilet, sink, shower, a bathtub, mirrors, and storage space for your toiletries. These types of bathrooms are best for larger homes and households because they offer more space for full bathrooms that a family can use. Full bathrooms are also the most spacious, which opens up more options when it comes to furniture and fixture choices.

Along with being the biggest bathroom type, full bathrooms also offer the most functionality due to the fact that all bathroom fixtures are present. Offering the widest selection of fixtures and design options, the full bathroom is the perfect fit for a large home.


Master Bathroom

Located adjacent to the master bedroom, the master bathroom is another large bathroom type in which all forms of bathroom furniture and fixtures are present. Like full bathrooms, master bathrooms are the types of bathrooms that are the best fit for larger homes and households. Designed with luxury and relaxation in mind, master bathrooms are meant to be spacious areas that can sometimes be reminiscent of a spa.

The spacious nature of master bathrooms allows you to include a number of fixtures and amenities, which can even include television and fireplaces. This can really push the grandiose and luxury feel. If you are looking for a large-scale bathroom that provides comfort and luxury, adding a master bathroom near your main bedroom is surely the best option.


Powder Room

The smallest bathroom type, the powder room is also known as the half bath. This small bathroom type usually only features a toilet, a small sink and cabinet, and a single mirror. These bathrooms are usually located near the guest rooms or act as a secondary bathroom located a considerable distance away from your larger bathrooms.

Powder rooms are also great locations for a quick wash and freshening up, which makes adding small storage spaces a great option. When it comes to style options, powder rooms are also great places to add some bold and colorful decorations and designs. This can make them feel more comfortable and luxurious. While they may be small areas, powder rooms can help add value and style to your home.


Three-Quarter Bathroom

As the name suggests, three-quarter bathrooms are mid-sized bathrooms that contain a shower, sink, toilet, and storage. A somewhat smaller version of a full or master bathroom, a three-quarter bathroom offers a well-balanced set of amenities and functions, albeit with the absence of a bathtub. Nonetheless, this has become one of the most common bathroom configurations in households, especially for mid-sized homes.

This bathroom type also offers the most balance in terms of style because you can be more versatile and open with your options. From luxurious, classic, rustic, or colorful, three-quarter bathrooms are a great fit for numerous styles, making them one of the best bathroom types to have in your home.


Shower Room

Similar to a powder room, the shower room is a smaller bathroom type where only the shower, along with a sink is present. Shower rooms are separate bathrooms that are primarily meant to provide a space to shower, which means amenities are minimal at best. In larger homes, these shower rooms can have a larger space. Some can have two separate showers in the same room.

When it comes to style and design, shower rooms can sport similar styles to the other bathrooms in your home in order to have a more uniform and consistent feel. Minimalist styles are also great fits for these types, as they can provide a clean and elegant look.


Bathroom with Laundry

Along with being places where you can clean and freshen up, bathrooms can also become laundry areas as well. These bathroom and laundry areas require a good amount of space to accommodate all amenities. This makes them one of the larger bathroom types around. Along with regular fixtures such as sinks, toilets, a shower, and storage, there must also be space for washing machines, dryers, and a storage area for your clothes.

While a bathroom with a laundry area might mean you can’t style it up as much as other bathroom types, this is not the case. Going for colorful and minimalist designs is still a great route to take. They can add some style on an otherwise standard bathroom and laundry area. Clean looks are also a great option. They give off a classy and elegant feel that will surely stand out.


Best Bathroom Styles for your Hexagon Tiles

Revised Best Bathroom Styles For Your Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles offer some of the most diverse range of design options for you to choose. Their unique shape allows for a variety of colors and styles that can stand out, along with some classy and elegant patterns that can make your bathroom grand and luxurious. There are numerous amounts of bathroom style options to choose from, and each one offers a great look for your home. Here are some of the best styles that will surely help your hexagon tiles standout.


  • Vintage

Sometimes, you never beat the classics. Going for an old-fashioned and classic look not only gives off a throwback vibe, but it also adds a sense of class and elegance to any home design, especially for your bathroom. Going vintage also offers you a wide variety of design options to choose from. Each decade of the 20th century offers you a diverse range of styles.

Looking to add some color and life to your bathroom? Going for the 60s and 70s style bathroom design will surely do the trick. Want a more elegant and classy look? The 20s and 30s style will surely have your bathroom looking like something out of an old Hollywood movie. Going vintage is one of the most versatile style options. You would not run out of design options to mix and match with. When it comes to your bathroom, adding some glossy 60s-70s-themed tiles will surely add more life, while going black or white will give off that early 20th-century feel.

Vintage truly never goes out of style, which is why it remains as one of the best styles for your home and bathroom. The 20×23 A23SZLNW-DBE.M2U Dark Beige tile from the Line Wood collection is perfect for exuding a warm throwback feel.


  • Craftsman

If you are looking for a simpler, hand-crafted, and artisanal feel to your bathroom design, going for the craftsman style will give-off a simple yet elegant vibe that will surely fit a wide variety of home designs. Craftsman style bathrooms have a variety of wooden pieces across furniture, the walls, and certain fixtures. This makes wooden hexagon tile designs a great design choice. They can add a unique floor or wall pattern that stands out.

If you are aiming for a design that exudes quality, a simple charm, and a great amount of durability, the craftsman style bathroom is surely one of the best options around. The 20×23 A23SZLNW-NUO.M2U Nut tile of the Country Brick collection is a fantastic option for bringing the craftsman-look together.


  • Mediterranean

Looking for that classy summer seaside feel? Going for Mediterranean patterns will surely add more color to your home and bathroom design. The diverse set of colors and patterns can help you go for different aesthetics. Mediterranean patterns can go for both warm and vibrant colors, all of which provide that inviting and serene feeling similar to being on the beach.

The diverse patterns also add more texture to your bathroom, making it stand out even more. Mediterranean hexagon tiles help enhance the texture and color even more by providing a unique set of patterns that will add a splash of color and warmth that makes your bathroom look even more relaxing. If you want the summer vibe to remain all year long in your home, it is best to choose a Mediterranean design. For a seaside paradise, the 20×23 AO6GZPRB-WHO.GOP White tile from the Precious Brick collection adds an undeniable calmness that perfectly encapsulates a warm sense of charm.


  • Scandinavian

Clean and minimalist is the main spirit of Scandinavian bathroom design. Instead of diverse color patterns, the Scandinavian design aims for a cleaner and more sanitary look that remains elegant and graceful at the same time. Clean lines and angles are some of the core design philosophies of the Scandinavian bathroom, which might make hexagon tiles be an unusual choice of tiles at first.

However, clean hexagon tile designs and patterns can work really well. They can provide a crisp and clean set of patterns without compromising it by making it look cluttered and unorganized. The minimalist feel of white and clean hexagon tiles is surely a great fit for Scandinavian bathroom design. The 20×23 A23SZLNW-UVO.M2U Ivory tile of the Line Wood collection is one of the most ideal options for an authentic execution of Scandinavian design principles.


  • Rustic

If you are looking for a down-to-earth, humble, subtle, and homely feel for your bathroom design, it is best to go for a rustic look. Rustic styles offer some of the most inviting and homely designs, while also being simple and cozy at the same time. Rustic bathroom styles can include wooden furniture and fixtures similar to a craftsman bathroom. The 20×23 A23SZCBR-DGY.M2U Dark Grey tile of the Country Brick collection will surely give your bathroom the magnificent countryside glamour that comes with rustic design.


  • Contemporary

Modern bathroom design philosophies usually go for a clean and classy look. This makes contemporary bathroom designs one of the most popular options. Their minimalist color combinations provide a good amount of design choices that would surely add a more refined taste and style.

Most contemporary bathroom designs utilize a mixture of black, white, and gray for their walls and floors. This makes hexagon tiles the best choice when it comes to adding minimalist black and white patterns. Adding these patterns to your walls and floors will surely add a new dimension to your contemporary design, and enhance the sleek feel of your bathroom. When it comes to contemporary-style bathrooms, the 20×23 A23SZLNW-BEO.M2U Beige tile of the Line Wood collection emanates all the best qualities of the contemporary appeal.


Key Takeaway

The bathroom is one of the most important locations in your home. Adding a new dimension of style will surely spruce up your home design and make it stand out. There are many design choices that you can choose from when it comes to adding hexagon tiles to your bathroom. By choosing the right look, you would be able to have a bathroom that would surely feel vibrant, classy, and inviting. Click here to visit the nearest FC Tile Depot to check out more stylish hexagon tile designs!