A Guide to Choosing the Right Tile Colors

How can you choose the right tile colors?

  1. Take the size into account
  2. Consult the color wheel for combinations
  3. Consider the texture for different surfaces
  4. Try the wood-look approach
  5. Let the color be the focal point


One of the most important elements in setting up the tone or mood of a room is your choice of color. Tiles have become a staple when it comes to incorporating colors in homes because there are many tiles for sale that come with varied textures and finishes. If you need help in choosing the right tile colors, just read on! Here, we listed a few tips on how you can bring a particular vibe to your spaces.


Take The Size into Account

Take The Size Into Account

[60×60] M91-4 + [30×60] P-3610

Do you want to visually expand the size of your space? Then, you would want to pick between light shades such as creams or pastels. Tiles such as the M91-4 and P-3610 have an innate ability to make a room appear larger. Light tiles are good choices for achieving a spacious-looking bathroom. You might be surprised at how the color can also make the illusion of a larger hallway even if it’s actually narrow.

On the other hand, if you want a wide-looking floor and your space already has enough elements of light, you can opt for rich shades such as indigo or dark olive green.


Consult The Color Wheel for Combinations

Consult The Color Wheel For Combinations

[20×20] 22CM3FA

Contrasting colors can create a bold statement and add an interesting character to your space. If you are a fan of this design, see the hues in the color wheel that are on opposite sides of each other.

For example, you can match a blue tile with another that has a dark orange shade. This technique will work wonders for invigorating the vibe of the space. However, if you want to come home to a calm ambiance, it would be best to pick shades that are next to each other in the color wheel. For example, light yellow tiles paired with light green tiles might likely blend subtly and look more unified. Tone on tone colors can also create a more tranquil feeling.


Consider The Texture for Different Surfaces

Consider The Texture For Different Surfaces

[30×30] I-3461-6 + [29.2×59.2] H-3B59913

Here, you want to consider the visual texture of the surface for foot traffic it gets. In busy areas of your home, pick tiles that are designed with varying shades. Scuff marks and dirt are less likely to show on tiles with varied colors.

High traffic areas like the kitchen, living rooms, and entryways can take advantage of speckles. For this, the Venetia tiles I-3461-6 is perfect. This is because it contains small embedded stones and specks of chips on its surface. It not only creates a multi-colored effect, but it also hides scuff marks and dirt.


Try The Wood-Look Approach

Try The Wood Look Approach

[60×60] CL06

Wood-looking tiles are perfect color options for spaces as they bring the beauty of nature inside. Furthermore, they mimic decking. What makes wood-looking tiles ideal is that they are versatile. It does not matter where you install it in your home. Whether you want to go for a contemporary or traditional style – it will look stunning either way.

Furthermore, wood-looking tiles come with a variety of finishes. Prefer dark looking oak? Or maybe white wood for a brighter ambiance? Hunting for textured wood tiles for maximum water resistance? Then, the CL06 is for you. No matter what you choose, you won’t have trouble finding a design that suits your taste and needs.


Let The Color Be a Focal Point

Let The Color Be A Focal Point

[10×30] 13UDQ3

In any room, the colors of tiles can instantly become a focal point of its decor. When using tiles, you can choose a tile color in the same way you would choose a piece of art. Let it stand out. Don’t limit yourself to neutral colors as well! Bright and vivid colors can catch the eyes of guests easily.


Key Takeaway

Explored above is a simple guide on choosing the right tile colors. Let the color have its moment to be appreciated. If you achieve an impressive mix of colors, you can easily use tiles to spruce up your spaces.

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