Grout Styling Tips

What are styling tips for grout?

  1. Contrasting Dark and Light
  2. Shades of Gray
  3. White on White
  4. Get Creative and Have Fun with Color


It’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelming designs and samples of tiles to make your home look perfect because you have to choose the right grout. No matter what tile you choose for your space, grout will make or break the look of it. Grout is what’s used to fill the raps of your existing tiles. It’s just as important as deciding what tile to add to your space. To help you choose and style the grout for your tiles, here are some tips for grouting that can help you make your space the best it can be:


Contrasting Dark and Light

What kind of atmosphere do you want to convey for your space? The impact of the lightness and darkness of the grout shade that you pick will drastically change the look of your space. Some are not huge fans of the stark white tile look. If this is the case for you, pairing dark tiles with a dark color of the grout can do the trick. Pairing dark grouts to white subway tiles is a great way to contrast it out, as well as add dimension and depth to your space. One thing to know about choosing dark grout with a light-colored tile is that it can stain it, so it’s best to consult the best tile supplier for this.


Shades of Gray

Shades Of Gray

Want a balance of dark and light? Gray grouts have got you covered. Gray grout will complement almost all the variety of tile colors and styles because of its a perfect balance of light and dark. It is timeless, classic, and less likely to stain fade. A safe and universal pick! For a more neutral and subtle look, go for grouts of shades of gray.


White Grout

White Grout

Looking for a classy, and uniformed aesthetic for your space? Pair two light shades together and pair white with white. When using white tile with white grout will have those lines between tile and the grout disappear, but will give it body, texture, and depth at the same time. If you’re looking for a simpler look to add to your space, this can be a good option for you. Give your room a pristine, spotless atmosphere with an all-white appeal!  This kind of grout styling tip is ideal for small bathrooms and can even create a larger feel for your space.


Get Creative and Have Fun with Color

Bright and colorful grouts can completely change your tiled surface. Because of the many colors out there, this can allow you to be creative and add visual interest to your space. Yellow? Pink? Blue? By adding bright grout colors, you will be able to have a fun accent color without having to go out. Read on for tips to work with colorful grout:

  • Give your walls a pop of color by matching the colored grout to accent walls. Doing this will provide your space with a cohesive look.
  • Make fun and beautiful space with your grout with a double dose of color. Pair two colorful tones together such as blue tiles with yellow grout lines.
  • Use a bright-colored grout against light shades to truly make it that star of the show.
  • If you really want people to notice your bold design choice, place it where it can be easily noticed such as in bathroom mirrors, cooktops, and kitchen sinks. Or you can turn this the other way around and give specific space attention by adding a splash of color with your grout.


Key Takeaway

Since grout makes just as much of an impact for the visual presence of your space, you’d want to choose something that matches perfectly. Grouts come in extensive choices of color. You would be surprised at the huge difference that grouts can provide to the look of your space. Since we’re talking about aesthetic value, it will always boil down to your personal taste and preference. That being said, these tips for grouting will surely give you an idea as to how you want to style your tiles. Working closely with tile suppliers and installers will make sure to achieve perfection for your space.

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