5 Foyer Tile Design Ideas

What are foyer tile design ideas for your home?

  1. Cream-White
  2. Horizontal Accent Tiles
  3. Wood Brown
  4. A Combination of Different Textured Tiles
  5. Hexagon Tiles


Most homeowners fail to consider their foyers as an outlet for creativity. However, it’s only right to spruce it up using tiles in the Philippines. After all, you can leave a lasting impression through diverse foyer tile designs.

Your foyer is the first thing guests see when they step inside your home and it’s the sight that welcomes you home each day. A stunning and well-designed foyer will make any home feel more inviting. So, if you want to make your entryway more appealing, here are some foyer tile design ideas to serve as your style inspiration.



Cream White

[60×60] G0BH-50PEA + [40×40] 56P

There’s nothing that says modern ambiance as clean color schemes. A classic cream-white tile is just right for your entryway. This is also the perfect tile choice if you want your foyer to look spacious. Oftentimes, entryways seem too cramped and lack adequate lighting. If you don’t have the luxury to install windows, having this rectified white tile will serve as a stunning alternative.

To keep things simple, stick with wood-look flooring. Then, round up the area with rustic elements that might come in the form of a dark staircase, a light wood entry table, or vintage decor accessories.

It is also worth noting that white tiles don’t have to be boring. There’s a variety of white tile designs such as the G0BH-50PEA which has a subtle line pattern.


Horizontal Accent Tiles

Horizontal Accent Tiles

[10×30] YF1032A Border + [30X60] I02-T + [60×120] Y1KK-227G

Does your foyer look average and dull? Horizontal accent tiles can easily transform the appearance of any space. It can break up a room’s design pattern and become a standout focal point.

Remember that painted accent walls are not the only option. Whether you want to go for ceramic, porcelain, brick-looking, or marble-looking accent tiles, you can opt for any design that will turn your foyer into an eye-catching place.


Wood Brown

Wood Brown

[20×100] AI207

Walking through foyers with touches of nature can help incorporate the features of the lovely outdoors in your design. It can also offer a sense of calm whenever you come home from a long day.

Consider lining your foyer floors with wood brown tiles like the Al207. To double on the natural effect, use a bold background wall color and match it with wood furniture and accessories. This tile design is ideal for homes with long and narrow foyers. To create an illusion of guiding guests into the rest of your home, lay the tile strips end-to-end.

Combination of Different Textured Tiles

Combination Of Different Textured Tiles

[30×90] Q83-001MGA + [30×90] Q83-001PGA

The foyer should be in a way that it makes a statement. Its design should stand out and capture the attention of guests. Combining different textured tiles can achieve just this.

Try experimenting with a variety of designs, such as the marble-look tiles Q83-001MGA and Q83-001PGA. This gives off a bold yet contemporary vibe that is best matched with muted colored elements such as white fixtures.


Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon Tiles

[30×60] NHC63016 + [18×122] LD6187-5A

Designing foyers is another opportunity for you to experiment with a variety of style looks, such as a hexagon tile. The NHC63016 has matte finishing and offers quirky shapes. The best thing about these tiles is that they are matte, making them an ideal design choice for contemporary homes.

Wood is always reliable. Featuring a light wood-like tile such as LD6187-5A adds a unique combination that does not overpower the patterned tiles. Then, start incorporating bold elements to maximize the design of your foyer. It will do wonders for creating an artsy and one-of-a-kind look.


Key Takeaway

The foyer is an area of your home that must not be neglected when it comes to design. It is the first thing you come back home to and what instantly captures your guests’ impression of your space.

We have rounded up some foyer tile designs to serve as an inspiration for your home. From natural touches, clean lines, to eye-catching patterns — you can give your foyer a fresh and spruced-up look that complements your decor theme.

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