2018 Flooring Trends That You Should Check Out Now

What are the stylish 2018 flooring trends that are popular right now?

  1. Mixing Tiles with Wood
  2. Encaustic Tiles
  3. Black-On-Black Tiles
  4. Terrazzo Flooring
  5. Wood-look Vinyl


Redesigning your home requires you to think about the various options that are available in different styles in various shops in the Philippines. Vinyl tiles are one of the popular types of tile that are included in the 2018 trend. Ultimately, the tiles listed here are the ones you might want to consider when you are seeking for styles that you can use for a new flooring installation.

Vintage vinyl tiles in the Philippines are a classic go-to option in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. However, if you are aiming for a more modern touch, then you should take a look at these 2018 tile trends. See their features and aesthetic potential in this article and keep them in mind the next time you pay a visit to your favorite tile depot.

Mixing Tiles with Wood

Mixing Tiles with Wood

Mixing tiles with wooden flooring is a versatile trend that is not just good for your flooring option but for wall designs as well. This trend is a stand out in the flooring industry. In fact, more interior designers are adopting this type of style. It is a very popular installation in cafés and restaurants that want to have that modern style.

Mixing beautiful tiles and natural wood is a trend that brings a cozy feel to a room, making it look crisp. This is made possible by having a hardwood type of flooring and laying down some ceramic tiles to complete the look. If you are installing this on your own, be sure to feature the contrast of the wood’s earthy feel and the tiles’ cool colors. By following through, you would be able to achieve the look you are aiming for in any room of your house.


Encaustic Tiles

The term encaustic, which came from an ancient Greek word, means “to heat or burn in.” The materials used to create this look are, therefore, produced through a process that involves heating to seal the dyes and clays.

This year, encaustic tiles are making a comeback. While it does not have too much of that modern appeal, it continues to be a popular choice in decorating homes. Many interior designers also find them really interesting.

Essentially, encaustic tiles cater to all tastes because of their unique patterns, vivid colors, and practical qualities. If you want a Victorian look for your house, then these tiles would be perfect. This is a great option for those who would like bold patterns for a certain room.

With encaustic tiles, your flooring installation will look like an artwork in itself.

Black-On-Black Tiles


Black-On-Black Tiles

Nothing can scream more modern than a set of black tiles installed in the room.

With black tiles, there is just something futuristic about the aesthetic quality that makes it an enduring contender in many 2018 tile trends list. An added benefit of having black tiles is you can use black grout on it to make it look more sophisticated than it already is.

Black-on-black is also popular with interior designers as they embody modernity in its design. This trend will look better with smaller tiles; you can even choose to select a pattern from your tiles shop’s roster.


Terrazzo-effect Flooring

The Terrazzo is a flexible design choice in flooring systems because it is not only beautiful, but also very durable.

Having been around for a long time now, the modern Terrazzo-effect tiles have come a long way since it was discovered in ancient Egyptian mosaics. Since then, it has been used in many homes and establishments across the globe.

Seeing as it is a cheaper alternative to natural stone, many people have turned to Terrazzo-effect ceramic tiles to achieve that same style without breaking the bank.

As Terrazzo is a versatile flooring option, you can choose to install it indoors or outdoors and it would still fit right in.

Wood/Terrazzo/Carpet-Look Vinyl


Wood/Terrazzo/Carpet-Look Vinyl

Vinyl is what you should consider when you want to achieve the natural wood-look for your floors. The sales for these tiles rose because they are more realistic-looking as a faux wood flooring option than most tiles.

Vinyl is also gaining fame as a flooring installation for commercial use, thanks to the many restaurants and grocery stores that feature it.

Aside from that, people are loving its long-lasting design potential, giving other options a run for their money.


Key Takeaway

Are you in need of a tile design inspiration for your next house remodeling?

Look at these 2018 tile trends. They will surely give you some ideas on what you can do for a new tile installation. If you need more information about them, don’t hesitate to ask your partner tile depot.

With them, you would be able to achieve your design goals as well as assist you in applying them to your lovely home!