Best Floor and Wall Tiles for A Mediterranean Style Bedroom

What are the best floor tiles for a Mediterranean style bedroom?

  1. Bohemia
  2. Strata
  3. New Pearl
  4. Montage
  5. Patio
  6. Timber


The Mediterranean interior design is a fusion of Mexican, Spanish, and other European influences. It gained popularity in the 1900s. Additionally, it is a combination of contrasting tones, as it is not uncommon to see bright roofs and indoor pieces combined with cooler-toned exteriors. These shades bring a relaxed atmosphere because of the light ambiance it can bring to a home.

Since Mediterranean style places an emphasis on relaxation, it is a good inspiration for the next or present bedroom you are designing for. You can let the style inspire you through floor and wall tiles for sale.



40x40 Bohemia
40×40 Bohemia

 The Bohemian aesthetic is pleasing to a lot of Mediterranean style aficionados because it celebrates individual expression. In fact, the word “Bohemian” comes the French translation of gypsy. Just like the gypsies themselves, this word reminds people of unconventionality, movement, and unique artistry.

While any bold color and texture can be used, there is design tip that every Mediterranean lover should follow. The colors and textures should have a matching pattern to bring them together. The 40×40 Bohemia I-AI401 Wave is a floor tile a Mediterranean designer like you would love because it represents this rule.

This Bohemian tile has contrasting cool and warm tones standing on top of each other. It looks handmade by an artist himself, yet the contrasting colors do not look confusing next to one. This is because they all follow a similar wavy pattern.





40x40 Strata
40×40 Strata

The Mediterranean interior design borrows some elements from the Moroccan design movement in Spain. One of the elements it borrowed was the preference for intricately detailed rugs. These rug patterns showed the artistry of those who sowed it and their vibrant appearances reminds everyone of Ancient Marrakesh flea markets.

The patterns are always mosaic. The rugs were all mosaics of symmetrical shapes, abstract statements, and jewel cool tines like mood.

Adding Strata 40×40 S420 Azul tiles for sale to the home you are in charge of designing will make the floor look similar to these mosaic rugs. You see the geometric symmetry in the sharp triangles and lines. Yet, the abstract part comes in the form of bizarre drawings in the dark and light blue triangles.



New Pearl

30x60 New Pearl
30×60 New Pearl

 The 30×60 New Pearl NP2 Taupe wall tiles in the Philippines represent the cool toned stone pieces used in Mediterranean homes. These pieces are preferred by Mediterranean design enthusiasts because they are reliable and neutral enough to balance out the rest of the vibrant textile colors used indoors. These are reliable because they are hard to destroy since the stone is one of the Earth’s natural resources.

This New Pearl Tile is neutral without being bland. It will balance out bright colors while remaining as visually appealing wall since it has a glossy finish and a surface similar to a watercolor painting.




30x30 Montage
30×30 Montage

The Montage collection focuses on wall tiles in the Philippines with life-like images printed onto them. The 30×30 Montage WP3303 Azul is the most fitting for a Mediterranean bedroom because it is a mosaic pattern of different shades of blue.

Blue is well-loved by Mediterranean aficionados because it reminds them of the seas that are near fishing villages in countries like Italy. It reminds them of the days going out in the sun and looking at bright blue skies.



30x30 Patio
30×30 Patio

Terracotta, the shade that ranges from orange-brown to red, is a well-known color to Mediterranean homes because it is suitable for their interior design. Additionally, they would be placed harmoniously together, in alternating concave and convex formations.

The 30×30 Patio F303 Plaza floor tile will give people a glimpse of those terracotta roofs whenever they step into the bedroom of their purchased home. Each tile is a culmination of orange-brown pebbles divided by asymmetrical yellow borders.



20x100 Timber Rustic
20×100 Timber Rustic

Try using the 20×100 Timber AI210 Moss because it gives a softer and more natural look to any bedroom. Imagine having a wrought iron staircase similar to those found in the Mediterranean era with the wood replicate tiles to complement it, you will definitely feel regal as you go down to greet your guests. It also helps that the lighting fixtures that you have will bounce gracefully off these tiles. With the Timber collection, your interior design will look effortlessly elegant since it exudes a timeless quality.


Key Takeaway

Since the Mediterranean interior design is a mix bag of influences, it is open to different form of colors, textures, and designs. Besides making you appreciate unique artistry, it makes you develop an appreciation for the environment. All these elements make any bedroom more relaxing. Whether it is a Mediterranean design or a Modern Aesthetic, we can discuss it over a consultation session at FC Tile Depot. Contact us here and we’ll see you soon!