Floor Tiles Philippines: Top 4 Tile Designs for Outdoor Areas of the Home

What are the top tile designs for outdoor areas?

  1. Dark-tones Slate Tiles
  2. Cool-toned Encaustic Tiles
  3. Natural Stone-inspired Tiles
  4. Earth-toned Terracotta Tiles


There are plenty of factors that influence the curb appeal of a home. Some factors include the house’s landscape, the exterior paint job, the roofing material, and lastly, the overall aesthetic of the house.

But the curb appeal is only a general perspective towards the design of the house and is a far cry from an in-depth assessment.

If you want to impress your relatives and friends with your house’s design, then the best way is by using various floor tiles from the Philippines. Fortunately, there is a vast range of available flooring in the Philippine market that you can choose from!

And if you want to make a lovely impression and absolutely sway your future visitors, then one way of doing this is by starting with something that they’ll instantly see—that is, the exterior of your house. In particular, why not give your outdoor area some makeover?

When talking about a home’s exterior, most homeowners focus more on the landscaping, and unfortunately leave the outdoor area taken for granted. It is either left barren or given very minimal furnishing.

But this should not be the case! After all, the outdoor area is the part of the house that is immediately seen. In fact, it can set the tone of a home’s overall aesthetic.

Before anything else, it is essential that the characteristics of your exterior tiles are fit for the outdoors.

Ideally, an outdoor tile should be at least vitreous with water absorption capacity of less than .5% but, those with below 3% works as well. Do keep in mind that water absorption capacity of above 3% is no longer ideal as an outdoor tiling material.

In order to stand the natural elements, an exterior tile must be durable and strong.

Lastly, choose a slip-resistant variant to prevent any accidents, especially during the rainy season when slipping down is inevitable.

So if you want to know some ideas on style ideas for your outdoor area using floor tiles from the Philippines, then you’ve come to the right place.

Listed below are the top 4 tile designs for outdoor areas.


Dark-toned Slate Tile

Dark-toned Slate Tile

A combination of muddy brown and moss green with a tan accent adds stunning depth to a room.

This tile design and color scheme are better suited for an eccentric outdoor area with a natural theme.

A great technique to do is to use a grout color that has a light tone. That way, the dark hues of the tiles will pop even more.

Try to incorporate some nature or even tribal interior accents, such as an ottoman made from weaved fibers, or a few throw pillows with a faux leopard or cheetah print.



Cool-toned Encaustic Tiles

Source: Emily Henderson

Cool-toned Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic tiles are perfect for a small outdoor area, especially for those that are slightly enclosed.

The different colors and tile prints can add more style and character to the outdoor area. An excellent choice would be cool-toned ones since they provide a sense of freshness to the scene.

Unfortunately, small outdoor areas do not have the luxury of space, which means that there won’t be much floor area available for adding design accents.

However, don’t fret. After all, the intricate details on most encaustic tiles can more than make up for the design constraints. This rings especially for outdoor areas where the most furnishing that can be done is limited to a coffee table for two.



Natural Stone-inspired Tiles

Natural Stone-inspired Tiles

This tile design is not just perfect for a pool-side pathway. It also looks exquisite when used in the outdoor area.

A foolproof tile style that can blend with any design aesthetic is the natural stone tile. Be it a shabby chic style, a luxurious vintage aesthetic, or even an eco-loving theme, natural stone tiles are your best bet as a base for all sorts of furnishings.

The best way to have a crisp and clean appearance is to opt for variants with light tones, or those that are in the hues of tan, grey, and purple.

This specific tile design is best paired with a white grout. The grout will then provide a smooth transition between the floor tiles from the Philippines.

And when it comes to natural-stone tiles, the most popular would be marble tiles.

If you want to astound your future guests, then what better way of doing this than by greeting them with luxury, right? That is, through the use of marble flooring.

Gone are the days when a marble tile flooring in the Philippines is only used indoors, such as in the kitchen and bathroom, areas where the marble tiles’ highly durable quality comes in handy.

Another splendid application of marble tiles is to be used as flooring for the outdoor area. Marble tiles can easily be polished, which is an important criterion when selecting floor tiles for your outdoor area. Using floor tiles that can be polished allows you to quickly restore the shine of tiles, which then lends them the appearance of being newly-installed.

And as mentioned earlier, the outdoor area is the first spot that visitors will set eyes on, so it is essential that this area is always in a pristine condition. Good thing that this is fairly easy to achieve with marble tiles!



Earth-toned Terracotta Tiles

Earth-toned Terracotta Tiles

If terracotta tiles are to be installed on outdoor areas, it should only be in temperate countries, which makes them a perfect option for flooring in the Philippines.

In terms of design and aesthetic, the earthen hues of terracotta tiles can furnish a room with a rustic feel.

Its beauty is even more evident when combined with various accent pieces, such as white wooden rocking chairs and rope swings.



Key Takeaway

Your outdoor area is the first thing that your visitors will see, so if you want to impress them with the beauty of your home, then you had better start sprucing it up.

Most outdoor areas have a very limited space, but good thing that they are extremely easy to design—that is, by using some flooring in the Philippines.

Keep these design tips in mind and your outdoor area is guaranteed great appeal as guests enter your abode.