Floor Tiles in the Philippines: A Guide to Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles

What do you need to know about glass mosaic pool tiles?

  • Reasons why you should choose them
  • Selecting the most suitable tiles
  • Maintenance of these tiles
  • The applicable cleaning agents



The most commonly known floor tiles from the Philippines are ceramic and porcelain tiles, the latter often found in Philippine stores and homes.

But aside from the floor, there are other places where tiles can be installed—and an example of this would be the area near the pool.

And when it comes to pool tiles, the most desired tile option is the luxurious-looking glass mosaic pool tiles.

Even though glass mosaic pool tiles (and other floor tiles from the Philippines, for that matter) are installed in different areas and have unique characteristics that you will need to keep in mind, they all have one similarity: that is, choosing the perfect glass tile is just as fun (and maybe even more so) as choosing your typical floor tiles!



Why choose glass mosaic as a pool tile?

Why choose glass mosaic as a pool tile?

Just like any type of tile, glass tiles also have their good points and strengths as a pool tile option.


Beautiful Overall Appearance. Basically, pool owners usually opt for glass mosaic tiles because of its stellar iridescent look. Its beauty is even more enhanced when the pool is filled with water and when the glass tiles glisten under the shining sun.

In terms of design aesthetic, glass tiles can seamlessly blend with other materials, especially those with natural finishes, such as wood, ceramic, and stone.


Highly Reflective. As mentioned earlier, glass tiles have a very reflective property. This furnishes the pool area with an extra brightness. It is worth noting, though, that those rendered in dark hues are less reflective than those with bright tones.


Easy to Clean. Aside from its undeniable beauty, glass tiles are a breeze to clean. Glass pools tiles can be given a quick cleaning with just a damp cloth. As for those who want an additional natural disinfecting, mopping the pool floor and walls with warm water will do the trick.

In addition, these are also highly resistant to stains, mildew, and mold.


Resistant to Chemical Damage. Glass mosaic is a perfect option as a pool tile since it has the ability to withstand possible damages from chemicals.


Less Porous. Lastly, the most important feature of glass tiles:  that is, its low porous level. This is essential since the tiles will be submerged in the water most of the time.



How to choose the perfect glass mosaic pool tile?

How to choose the perfect glass mosaic pool tile?

When investing, it is only normal to have a set of guidelines that can help you in the choosing process. The same goes for picking out glass pool tiles.


Choose the Right Mounting. It is crucial that the tiles have a can securely adhering to the substrate.

Do take note that unlike porcelain tiles from the Philippines, glass tiles are much more complicated to install and have a distinct method of doing so.

Do ask the installer for his previous project with the same materials to ensure that he is knowledgeable and capable of the proper installation process.


Appearance. Since the tiles will be under water most of the time and since they will be outside, their initial appearance inside the store will be vastly different once they are installed.

Request for assistance to submerge the tile in a water-filled basin and position it outside. Doing so will give you a more accurate impression of how it will appear in your pool.



How to maintain your glass mosaic tiled pool?

Though it was previously mentioned that a damp cloth can already clean glass tiles, in order for the pool to retain its original glory, you can do the following:


Remove Organic Materials. If the pool is positioned near the garden, make sure to remove all leaves, grass, and other debris on the water. Plus, small soil materials that may be attached to these organic materials could settle down and accumulate at the bottom of the pool.

Perform this task every 2 days as much as possible, or at least once a week.


Clean Off Water Lines. Even glass tiles get the typical pool water lines that need brushing every week. As for hotter months of the year, cleaning off the water lines must be done at least twice a week.

Such regular cleaning schedule with a close time interval is necessary to keep the stain at a manageable level and to slow down the pace of calcium buildup at the same time.


Vacuum the Pool Floor. Whenever the pool is emptied, never forget to remove the sunken debris that has settled at the bottom.


Cover it Up. Whenever the pool is not in use, covering it with a pool cover can help prevent the tiles’ color fading due to the sun.



What are the chemicals that can be used as a cleaning agent?

Due to the delicate nature of glass tiles, pool owners should be wary of the cleaning agents they use on the pool tiles. In fact, there is only a handful of solutions that are applicable for cleaning glass tiles. Here are some of them:

  • Vinegar and water mixture
  • Vinegar and baking soda solution
  • Calcium Releaser
  • Sulfamic Acid

When dealing with some of these chemicals, make sure to handle them properly and to follow the directions specified.



Key Takeaway

Glass mosaic tiles provide the best function and aesthetic for your pool. Make sure to do the right selection, installation, and maintenance of your home’s (possibly) biggest asset!