Floor Tiles Philippines: A Guide to Concrete-Effect Tiles

What are the things you need to know about concrete-effect tiles?

  1. Basic Information
  2. Benefits of Using Concrete-Effect Tiles



In the world of tiling, there are countless of options to choose from.

This is especially true since the tile industry, as the decades passed by, has greatly widened its design options and has developed better features for the tiles.

Nowadays, there are tiles that give off the impression of other materials in terms of appearance. There are various floor tiles from the Philippines that exemplify those properties and one great example of such tiles are those floor tiles that mimic the appearance of wooden materials.

These tiles provide the visual delight through copying the other material’s appearance without sacrificing the benefits that the floor tiles in the Philippines normally provide.

There are tons of design options to choose from in the tile industry and one tile that provides a versatile design aesthetic are the tiles that give off the effect of concrete.

If you want to know more about this tile design, and why it is gaining more and more popularity, then you are in luck! This article contains details regarding the current crowd favorite among the tiles.

Just keep on reading to get to know more information about concrete-effect tiles.



What are concrete-effects tiles?

What are concrete-effects tiles?

In a nutshell, concrete-effect tiles are floor tiles from the Philippines that elicit an impression as if the floor is made from actual concrete.

Such tile choice can provide the urban chic aesthetic which concrete exudes.

Homeowners who have a penchant towards a minimalist style in terms of interior design greatly enjoy the impression and the drama that concrete-effects tiles provide without the excessive design.

What is even better about this tile option is that there are various tone options available in the market, despite its concrete appearance.

For those who want to have a brighter appearance to the room, choosing a light variant of the tile is a good option. That way, the concrete feel is still maintained but with a brighter impression of the space.

On the other hand, individuals who prefer to have a more modern and industrial looking space are better off installing pieces of concrete-effect tiles in a deeper tone.



What are the benefits of choosing concrete-effects tiles

What are the benefits of choosing concrete-effects tiles?

Concrete-effect tiles are not just for the sake of design and aesthetic. In fact, they can also provide several benefits to homeowners as a flooring material.

As mentioned earlier, this specific style of floor tiles in the Philippines can provide an exemplary visual impression without losing the benefits of a floor tile from the Philippines.

To further elaborate, here are more benefits of choosing concrete-effects floor tiles from the Philippines.


Good for the Environment

Unlike most kinds of tiles that have been circulating in the market, a majority of the produced concrete-effects tiles are manufactured using recycled materials.

These commonly used recycled materials for such tile design are pieces of silica fumes, crushed down glass, and pre-used aggregates.

In addition to its already environmentally friendly initial production process, these previously installed concrete-effects tiles can be further recycled when replaced after a while, may it be due to weathering or other possible factors.

Through such systemized processing, the tiles will not just end up in a dumpsite but will eventually re-enter the circulation and reduce additional waste.



Even though a number of the sold concrete-effect floor tiles from the Philippines are recycled from materials like glass and aggregates, this type of tiles is highly durable.

Due to its exemplary level of durability, concrete-effects tiles last long, and, consequently, do not often require any replacement nor maintenance.


Easy to Maintain

It was mentioned earlier in this article that concrete-effects floor tiles in the Philippines provide that industrial feel in terms of design, along with the benefits of installing tiles.

Such benefits specifically pertain to the features of actual concrete material which tiles are known to have a superior quality of.

One specific example would be the comparison of the porous level between actual concrete and concrete-effect tiles.

Compared to an actual concrete material, the concrete-effect tiles have a lower porous level. Due to such qualities of concrete-effect tiles, they are more resistant to water damage and especially chemical damage from cleaners.

In addition to that, due to the low porous level property of the concrete-effect tiles, these also have more resistance to discoloration and staining. And most of all, there is no need for any additional payment for sealant, since there are no prevalent pores existing.

Pet owners who want to have modern and industrial interior design would greatly appreciate the properties of concrete-effect tiles because their high level of resistance towards damage and liquid penetration is a needed feature in case of liquid waste from pets like dogs. In addition to this, foul odor and even scuff markings are less likely to happen on the floor.


Key Takeaway

And there you have it!

Those are the various benefits of having concrete-effects tiles installed.

If you are ever interested in having a very minimalistic and modern interior aesthetic with an industrial feel to your home, then look no further because concrete-effect tiles are the perfect option for you.