Great Floor Tiles in the Philippines for Houses Under Renovation

What are great floor tiles in the Philippines for houses under renovation?

  1. Grove
  2. Solar Stone
  3. Michaelangelo
  4. Monochrome


Renovating a home can be difficult because of many things. One, it is time-consuming. Two, you will always find unexpected issues unseen before in your stairs, rooms, doors, etc. Three, you can deal with a lot of safety hazards even with the right protection. You will need to face these things as you implement your desired changes

Thus, it is important to know the different floor tiles in the Philippines, great for home renovation. Whichever you pick, these will surely make the problems talked about earlier a little easier to deal with.



60x60 Grove
60×60 Grove

Grove matte tiles have a non-shiny finish and may not look as glamorous as their glossy counterparts. But, they make up for it by being more durable and slip-resistant. When you are in the process of renovating an old home, one of your biggest issues will be moisture overabundance. Usually, the moisture is a result of water leaks from bad plumbing jobs, clogs, and corrosion. It may be the main reason you are renovating in the first place.

Since Grove tiles lack the glaze layer that glossy tiles have and are combined with natural stone, you don’t have to worry about these becoming slippery when water leaks on them because it has a strong grip. Additionally, these are tiles you do not have to frequently clean because their matte finish will hide stains very well.

Grove tiles are a great addition to your living room and bedroom because most of them resemble hardwood material. It will make those specific spaces feel warmer. You will easily feel at peace once you see them beneath your feet. Try the 60×60 M85-4 if you would want eccentric patterns for your floor or the 60×60 ME6028 for a cleaner look.


Solar Stone

60x60 Solar Stone
60×60 Solar Stone

The advantage Solar Stone tiles have over the other tiles is their non-porous nature. When a tile is non-porous, there is no room for dirt and other forms of debris to accumulate in the holes. Glossy tiles, like the Solar Stone, are able to prevent dirt buildup because companies have to apply a glaze layer that not only adds shine, but also act as a protective sealant.

Glossy floor tiles in the Philippines can be great to have during renovation because you can accumulate all sorts of waste which can land on the floor. These waste are usually dust, asbestos, old plywood shavings. If these ever land on your floors, all you need to do is remove them with a vacuum.

With the Solar Stone collection, you can have different neutral colors to choose from like the 60×60 GOAC- 21QEA Beige and the 60×60 GOAC- 31QEA Light Gray.




60x60 Michaelangelo
60×60 Michaelangelo

Large tiles bought from a tile Center, are any tiles with measurements larger than 30×30 cm. These are great ones to rely on during home renovation for many reasons. One, they are easier to lay than small tiles due to having fewer grout lines. You don’t have to worry about devoting a lot of your renovation time to sticking these white lines.

Second, these are easier to install than small ones. In a certain space, it can be time-consuming to install a small tile of 20×20, for example, one by one, and just using a large one will make the job so much faster.

Tiles under the Michelangelo will definitely be large enough for you, with measurements of 60×60 cm. These tiles in itself, have an interesting variation because you have the options of choosing between solid-colored products or products with intricate designs.



60x60 Celestial
60×60 Celestial

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, it can be hard to decide on a flooring style. When you cannot think of anything or all else fails, monochrome black and white is a good way to go.

Chessboard looking floors are always a good option because you have many black and white tile choices to choose from. For example, you can buy the 60×60 LF6807  for black and the 60×60 MT6001 Pearl for white at the nearest tile center. Monochrome is a great style for your bathroom because it is timeless, consistent, and balanced. It is coherent in the sense, that you know black and white will always look great together and that the pattern never changes. It will look balanced because black and white, as opposites in the color spectrum, come together.



Key Takeaway

Renovating your home brings not only changes but also issues. Since you will be updating every part of your home including the floor, it is good to know the different tile options which last well during renovation problems. The different debris which land on these tiles can be easy to remove so you wouldn’t have to worry about maintenance. All of these will look great at any home, check out our products here to learn more about them!