How to Fix Uneven Tile Placement

How can you fix uneven tile placement?

  1. Cover and protect the other tiles on the floor
  2. Use a chisel to pry the uneven tiles off
  3. Measure and set into position
  4. Re-install or replace the tile
  5. Re-apply adhesive and grout and place the tile


Tiles are one of the best ways to enhance the interior design of your home. Along with providing styles and colors to your walls and floors, tiles also provide a safe and durable service that provides the best home living experience. The best part of using tiles is that they are very easy to install, which means that you can set them up in your home in just a few steps without needing to do anything complicated.

While placing tiles across your home is relatively simple, not knowing the right tile placement techniques can mean that you might end up with a surface that has uneven tiles. Having uneven tile placement at home will not only negatively impact your interiors, but will also create unsafe surfaces that can get damaged easily.

Uneven tile placement is one of an interior designer’s worst nightmares, as it causes problems with the overall look of a room and affects the overall aesthetic. To prevent this from being a problem in your home, it is best to fix it by removing the tiles and realigning it accordingly. All you would need is a chisel for removal, some gloves for protection, a carpenter’s level for alignment, grout, and tile adhesive. Once you have everything you need, here is how you can fix your uneven tile placement at home.


Cover and Protect the other tiles on the floor

Before you begin removing any uneven tiles on your floor, make sure that you cover and protect the surrounding tiles to prevent them from getting damaged. Removing and replacing tiles is a delicate process, which is why covering the other tiles up will help reduce the amount of work that you need to do. Once you have them covered up properly, the next step is to pry the uneven tiles off.


Use a chisel to pry the uneven tiles off

Men Renovating Kitchen Tiles

Once you are ready to begin removing the uneven tiles, begin by using the chisel to chip away all of the surrounding grout. Removing the grout enables you to remove the tiles much easier as it is more loose when you scrape it. Carefully scrape all sides until the tile has been removed from the adhesive. There are times that you might damage the uneven tile that you are removing, which is why you would need to have replacements at the ready.


Measure and set into position

After removing all of the uneven tiles on your floor, begin the realignment procedure by using a carpenter’s level to line up all of the tiles that you will be placing again. Make sure that you have everything lined up properly before applying the tiles again, as a small mistake would mean having to start the process all over again.


Re-install or replace the tiles

Re Install Or Replace The Tiles

Once you have all the sections measured properly, you can now begin re-installing or replacing the floor tiles. If the tile that you removed is damaged, you can get replacement tiles to ensure that the overall design would not be affected. Make sure that you have enough spare tiles to make sure that you would not be missing any important section on your floor.


Re-apply adhesive and grout and place the tile

After having everything ready, add new adhesive to your floor and re-install the tiles accordingly. Make sure that you have spread the adhesive evenly, as you would not want them to move around when placing the other tiles. After placing all of the tiles, reapply the grout to keep them in place and let it all dry and set.


Key Takeaway

Uneven tile placement can cause numerous issues with your interiors, creating areas that ruin the overall aesthetic. By following this guide, you would be able to provide the right fix for your floor tiles and make sure that you have evenly-designed floors that offer the best visual impact. Click here to visit the nearest FC Tile Depot and learn more!