5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Floor Tiles for Your Bathroom

What are the tips for choosing the perfect floor tiles for your bathroom?

  1. Pick the tiles you’ve always wanted first.
  2. Consider the important tile factors.
  3. Limit your choice to 3 different tiles.
  4. Keep the maintenance in mind.
  5. Create an illusion of space.


Your bathroom deserves as much attention as the rest of your home – this is why choosing the appropriate floor tiles in the Philippines can make the difference between a distasteful bathroom and one that will delight you every time you step inside it, and one that will render your guests astonished at your remarkable taste.

Bathrooms might merely take up a tiny space of your home, but that doesn’t make the task of selecting tiles any easier. In fact, extra care should be practiced, one that always takes into consideration its usually small size. Plus, there are several factors that come into play, which makes it easy for homeowners to be befuddled.

If you’re confused or if you want to have a better idea of how to grace your bathroom with stunning floor tiles, then you’ve come to the right place. This post will explore 5 tips for choosing the perfect floor tiles to your bathroom.



Pick the tiles you’ve always wanted first

Pick the tiles you’ve always wanted first

Even before you start working on the tiling of your bathroom, there’s usually this one tile design that you’ve always yearned for – one that you want to be seen included in the overall design of your bathroom.

Maybe it’s that black-and-white pattern or perhaps there’s this accent tile that really captures your fancy, especially with its texture and style. Whatever the case is, let your dream come true and purchase that tile first. It will serve as your starting point and will make it easier for you to choose the rest of the tile designs.



Consider these important factors

Consider these important factors

When choosing floor tiles for your bathroom, there are certain things that you need to bear in mind, such as:

  • size of your space
  • the color palette
  • the theme you’re going for
  • the style of your fixtures

Keeping these factors in mind will help you avoid costly mistakes and choose better tiles.



Limit it to 3 different tiles

Limit it to 3 different tiles

With so many varieties of tiles to choose from, you might get a bit too excited, grabbing one set of tiles after another, until you realize that you’ve already gotten tiles with 5 different designs. It’s recommended to keep it down to no more than 3 tiles.

For one, if you already have a tile that serves as your focal point, then you might go subtle on the other tiles – like opting for a more neutral color or a plainer design.

The basic guideline is this: you’ll need a floor tile, a wall tile, and an accent tile which will serve as a focal point. However, don’t let this hamper you – experiment and be a bit more creative. Just be sure that it’s not over-the-top and that it still blends with the overall look of your shower.



Keep the maintenance in mind

Keep the maintenance in mind

Sure, some of the tiles you’ve chosen are immensely visually appealing. Yes, it has all the aesthetic properties you want, but it will burden you a lot when you have to clean or maintain it. Maybe not such a good idea if you don’t want to be encumbered by an incredibly draining cleaning task.

For bathrooms, it is recommended to go for porcelain or ceramic tiles. Not only are they perfect for areas with high moisture, they’re also fuss-free to maintain. On the other hand, natural stone tiles are a bit more fastidious. It’s easy for them to attract dirt and grime, especially when they’re often wet.



Create an illusion of space

Create an illusion of space

Bathrooms, as we might already know, are quite small. To compensate for this, you can make it appear larger than it actually is using a few clever tips. Here are some techniques that you can employ:


  • Diagonal tiles. Diagonal tiles are amazing in tiny bathrooms. Diagonals trick your eyes into believing that a room is much larger. For one, it will be difficult for you to discern the quantity of those diagonal tiles, making them look many. It’s this seemingly never-ending quality that adds to the large feeling they imbibe in a room.


  • Light colors. Light colors enlarge the room and lead to an airy feeling. Don’t limit yourself to white floor tiles, however. You can also opt for other colors, as long as they’re rendered in a lighter shade.


  • Large tiles. The presence of more grout lines in smaller tiles makes the floor appear grid-like and boxed up. On the contrary, large tiles have fewer grout lines, which open up space more. They make a room feel less confined.


Key Takeaway

Your bathrooms might be small in size, especially when you compare it to the rest of your home, but that doesn’t mean they require less attention.

In fact, their small dimensions require you to take special care in selecting its floor tiles. That’s just one among the myriads of other factors. Floor tiles can change the entire look of a room, so it’s essential that you choose those that perfectly suit your bathroom.