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FC Aluminum Composite Panel Launches New Colors

ACP Colors


FC Tile Depot launched new different colors of the Aluminum Composite Panel (FC ACP). It is now available in 48 standard colors, and custom colors are also available upon request.

The PVDF coating is applied to the aluminum coil prior to lamination into a composite panel. The aluminum coil is using a continuous coil coating process and is heated at a temperature of 200 to 260 degree Celsius. The coating quantity is tested according to AAMA2604-98.

A slight color variation may occur between different products such as PVDF coating and PE coating. For exact color matching, one may request actual color samples. Color variation may occur between panels originating from different batches. To ensure consistency, the total project should be placed in one order.

Application and Specification

The FC ACP can be applied to the following:

  • Wall curtain, Cladding and Façade;
  • Roof Edges and Parapet wall;
  • Dado, Separation Wall and Partition;
  • Advertising Plate, Showroom and Shop front Signing; and
  • Column covers and beam wraps

It is about 610 mm to 1570 mm wide and about 1000 mm to 5800 mm tall with a thickness of 1 mm to 6 mm. It comes in two sizes: 1220 mm x 2440 mm x 3 mm and 12200 mm x 2440 mm x 4 mm.

Designed as rigid and lightweight, the FC ACP features high strength with excellent torsion strength and bending strength for exterior walls, which is lighter than solid aluminum and highly cost effective for construction budgets. Compared to other materials of the same weight such as steel, solid aluminum, tile, plywood, and more, FC ACP has a greater transmission loss.

The FC ACP panel is also coated with fluorocarbon (PVDF) resin which withstands extreme weather conditions and minimizes the possibility of acid, alkali and salt spray corrosion, hence unaffected by the temperature change and the long-term bask of ultra violet ray. The PE or fire-rated core isolates the different exterior temperature and moisture, which allows you to save on utility bills. The core is composed of viscoelastic high molecular resin that prevents cracking or breaking yet still provides high strength, stiffness and impact resistance.

In addition, FC ACP fully meets the fireproofing requirement specified in the building code. The ability of fireproof is higher than the index requirement of grade B1. It performs excellent against flame spread and smoke development. It can also be easily fixed to any type of cladding applications which consist of many different shapes and angles, carve, and radius by cutting, bending, curving, folding, fastening, welding, edge jointing and close-out, and more. All processes are possible by ordinary metal and wood working machinery to shape the distinctive manifestation of your design concept.

FC ACP will reduce the in place cost and installation time since the system does not require addition reinforcing structure and insulation layer which is to be specified by architects.