6 Dramatic and Bold Tile Designs

What are the 6 dramatic and bold tile designs that can add style to your home?

  1. Soft Warm Pastels
  2. Geometric Patterned Tiles
  3. Mixed Patterns
  4. Patterned Blue Tiles
  5. Loud Multi-Colored Graphics
  6. Wood-Look Tiles



Having a new tile installation at your home will make it look more polished and how else can you enhance this by choosing bold designs to make it stand out? Selecting tile designs is an art and a system at the same time, and it will allow you to explore both the creative and technical sides of tile installation.

Ceramic tiles for Philippine residential and commercial establishments is a suitable choice because it is durable material that can even withstand hot climate.

This type of tile has stain and dust-free properties which means that it doesn’t require much maintenance. To complement its hard-wearing functionality, you should choose a design that will be the pinnacle of a beautiful home. Here is your guide to choosing dramatic and bold tile designs:



Soft Warm Pastels

This is a bold and a mute design at the same time. Choose shades of pink and blue, which will further enhance the mellow and relaxed atmosphere of your room. Pastels are a nice display of color but not to the extent that it stands out too much.

Ask your tile supplier from the Philippines about ceramic tiles and you can use this as the material for this design. Soft pastel colors with a glossy surface provide that dramatic, vintage look which will give your interior a fresh modern feel. Consider this design if you want a simple yet versatile type of flooring option.



Geometric Pattern Tiles

Geometric Patterned Tiles

Geometric patterned tiles are offered in memorable patterns and gorgeous color options that will make your flooring option a complex one. They are a surefire fix for a dull room.

They come in many choices: you can choose hexagon tiles with triangles converging in the middle to have that kaleidoscope feel, clean white rectangular tiles mixed with a single line of square tiles give that futuristic and clean look and herringbone geometric pattern gives a ton of style for your home.

Choose the one that will be a great addition to the interior design of your home and not one that will clash with it.



Mixed Patterns

Although you usually see them in most commercial settings, mixed tile patterns can also work for a residential establishment as well. You can opt to put them in your kitchen or in a playroom. They are a playful design which is an explosion of color for the room.

Use random patterns in various colors to create a cool and visually stunning space. This would also be a bold choice in design because you will make all the ensemble in your room match the tile pattern. Although that may be a difficult task, the results would be astounding for your home or commercial establishment.



Patterned Blue Tiles

With this design or pattern, you can make a dull colored room into a gorgeous combination of color and dimension. Use different colored ceramic tiles paired with neutral tiles to evenly balance out the hue of the design. You can also choose graphic tiles in an electric blue pattern so you can bring a modern touch into a traditional space.



Multi-Colored Graphics


Loud Multi-Colored Graphics

If you are an art enthusiast, bold and dramatic is the only way to go for your tile installation. Having these multi-colored graphic tiles will make your rooms like an art studio whatever function it may serve. Opt for a quirky paint splatter tile design which will meet with a classically striped tile that will result in an ultimate pattern clash.

It may be hard to imagine but once you have decided on this style, the explosion of colors will leave you in awe. The design sets itself apart because it is a draw away from the conventional plain patterned tile.



Wood Look Tile

This may appear to be a boring option but mix it up a bit and you’ll have yourself a dramatic tile design that will make your guests feel baffled when they see it. There are porcelain tiles that look like weathered wood and they come in primary colors which makes it reminiscent of a beach house.

This installation in your living room or bedroom will be a touch of the unconventional and it is a bold design choice instead of your usual plain colored wood-look tile design.



Key Takeaway

These 6 bold and dramatic tile designs would be a great enhancement for your home. With clean and gorgeous finishes, you can dramatically change up the whole style of your home with just these tile installations. Find a reliable tile supplier who can help you in choosing the most suitable design for your home and you are all set!