DIY Home Decor Ideas Using Floor Tiles from the Philippines

What are the DIY home décor ideas that you can do using floor tiles in the Philippines?

  1. Brown and white floor tiles combo
  2. Clean white tiles
  3. Stone floor tile
  4. Two shades of gray
  5. Blue and cream checkered floor


While there are a lot of floor tiles in the Philippines to choose from, designing your very own floor is a great option to consider. Having the DIY alternative to hiring a professional interior designer will be more cost-effective and it will give you a more customized flooring option. In fact, DIY home décor ideas are not just affordable; they can also look much more beautiful and you can perfectly blend them into your room’s color scheme.

Sourcing from tile shops in the Philippines, floor tiles have the added key benefit of having a specific theme that will be relevant to the style of the house. An additional perk of installing floor tiles in your home is the easiness of the cleaning process of the tiles since it only requires low-maintenance. It is also great to know that the tiles do not carry dust particles on its surface texture.


Brown and White Floor Tiles Combo for a Game Room

Instead of having a solid colored floor, you should check out this combination that is suitable for your game or entertainment room. The chess floor type is one of the simplest installations that you can do and installing them in a game room will help change the overall atmosphere of the space, not to mention that it is an effective and inexpensive DIY home décor job that will take up less of your time and resources. These tiles are a perfect balance of dramatic and modern. You can either use ceramic or vinyl tiles for this installation; either would work just fine.

 Clean White Tiles for Your Bathroom

Clean White Tiles for Your Bathroom

Contrary to most opinions, the color white is anything but a dull design for your flooring. White tiles are a classic option for floor tiles and they can really give a major aesthetic boost to any room but they are most suitable for your bathroom.

Choosing the room for installation is the proper way to make this floor tile design work. With the right pattern, you can enhance the décor of your home in the easiest installation that you can do with floor tiles. Inject your DIY abilities for this design by choosing the white tiles that are not usually popular with shoppers like a sleek off-white color or pure ceramic white, either way, this will give your bathroom a crisp and clean look all thanks to the white tiles.


Stone Floor Tiles with Unique Decorative Pattern

Stone floor tiles have always been a popular choice for both business and residential units. They are a typical floor tile installation in some areas of the house like kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, conservatories, living areas, and exterior paved areas. They can be a great installation for your porch or foyer as they combine the outdoor quality of the area to the design aesthetic of the tiles. What is also great about this selection is that no two portions of the floor are alike—each stone floor tile is unique with no repeating patterns. The stone tiles have special veining, coloring, and natural characteristics which make up for a timeless flooring option.

Two Shades of Gray Floor Tiles Suitable for your Kitchen


Two Shades of Gray Floor Tiles Suitable for your Kitchen

If you would rather opt for the minimalist look, gray tiles have got you covered. More and more modern spaces are adapting this tile design as they offer a different touch to their rooms. They are neutral without being too dull and in fact, they make the design space look functional and futuristic.

Being your very own interior designer, you can choose the type of gray tiles to install in your house, and having two-toned colors for your flooring option will be a great way to mix-and-match this modern and minimal design. Grey patterned tiles in two shades would create a work of art under your feet as the geometric shapes will accentuate the space of the room. These are a practical way to add life to the room without overdoing it too much.


Blue and Cream Checkered Floor Tiles for your Dining Room

Checkered floor tiles can add an elegance to your kitchen that you won’t find in other flooring options. These also give you the flexibility to choose how you can personalize the room whether you want it fun or posh. The checkered floor design approach seems to always find a way to the top tile trends and this is because of its bright look that you can have in any color combination you may prefer. However, do not limit yourself to these colors when you are thinking of design. Think about how well it will go with the furniture that you plan to place in the room and then decide from there.


Key Takeaway

DIY home décor ideas begin with weighing down your options for the floor tile installation and then considering recommendations on where they are most suitable to install. Do not be afraid to personalize your flooring option, but make sure that you are comfortable to live with the design you choose without feeling the need for re-installation. Ask your reliable tile supplier about these décor ideas and revamp your home now!