Design Tips to Make Your Home Cozier

What are design tips that can make your home cozier?

  1. Play with texture
  2. Choose softer beddings
  3. Add warm underfoot
  4. Consider soft lighting
  5. Put your memories on display
  6. Embrace lighter colors
  7. Have a durable but warm flooring installation


Homes should always feel inviting for everyone. With all the design trends that are coming out lately, it can get confusing trying to achieve a warm cozy design space. Thankfully, there are a few tricks that you can pull to make this happen.

Whether you are planning to maximize some of the floor tiles for sale in the Philippines or you plan to do something new to your walls, this article could be your guide in achieving this type of home design. Read more below!


[60x60] 6191 [20x100] AI207 [60x120] CPY61225F

[60×60] 6191 [20×100] AI207 [60×120] CPY61225F

Play with texture

You don’t have to stick with basic pieces in order to play with texture. Texture is not only found in throw pillows or cloth furniture, but you can also add texture to your wall using products from a tile center. You can achieve this design tip by adding finishes that can warm things up.

Making your room cozier is all about the way it makes the atmosphere more conducive. Texture plays a big part in achieving this since it is something tangible that people can experience.


Choose softer beddings

Choose softer beddings

If you would like to achieve a cozier ambiance in your bedroom, you can maximize this by choosing cotton or satin beddings. As much as possible, you wouldn’t want a super crisp addition to your cozy room so you should pick softer beddings that should come in handy for those rainy days and nights.


Add warm underfoot

Add warm underfoot

No one likes to have cold feet especially if you are aiming for a cozy home. Achieve this design tip by purchasing area rugs or layering them in the spots where it has high traffic volume. This can also be a good thing for your floor tile installation since it can reduce the impact that is subjected to it.

A warm underfoot can be perfect under furniture like a coffee table, a bed, or a sofa, all of which would be great efforts in making your home a little cozier.


Consider soft lighting

There is something with lighting that can improve a mood especially if you are looking for a more comfortable ambiance. Harsh overhead lighting cannot contribute to having a lighter and cozier atmosphere. You can explore this design tip by investing in table lamps or overhead lighting with warm-toned LED lights which can give your room a nice candle-lit feel to it.


Put your memories on display

Put your memories on display

A cozy home is one that is filled with good memories. It does not have to be a full-blown picture of your family, just simple photos from memorable experience will do. You may think that this is a cheesy design tip but it will greatly improve the authenticity of your home since it can make a space a little brighter just by providing the opportunity to look back on these memories.


Embrace lighter colors

Embracing lighter colors will be a great way to make a home feel cozier and more inviting. You have to choose colors that are easy on the eyes if you are looking to have a welcoming ambiance. The warmth that light tones have will give your room an instant glow.

Wood’s pleasing aesthetic also have this warm, welcoming effect. Try considering wood-effect flooring options, or even for accent walls! Here is FC’s [60×60] M67 for inspiration:

60x60 M67

Have a durable but warm flooring installation

Having a suitable flooring installation is essential if you are going to aim for a cozier look and feel to your home.

Aside from the appearance, you should have great consideration for its functionality as well. Vinyl tiles are proven to be durable even in harsh environments and they can also give the room a rich, warm color which ultimately leads to a cozier atmosphere.

A durable and soft-looking flooring such as the vinyl tile from below will make your guests and housemates feel better as they move around your space.

[Vinyl-15x90] 6110-1

[Vinyl-15×90] 6110-1

Key Takeaway

The considerations in making your home look and feel cozier will give you the end result of having a space that has a great quality in terms of ambiance. These design tips will be even better if you are going to integrate wall and floor tiles to it so you should know what tile center to call for efficient tiles for sale in the Philippines. Fortunately, FC Tile Depot is here for you!

With our long and extensive list of products, your home will feel cozier in no time. Talk to us here and we will see what we can do for your home improvement plans!