Designing Your Living Room with Cool Colors

What are the different cool-colored tiles you can design for your living room?

  1. Vivere
  2. Timber
  3. Oak
  4. Novara
  5. Corinthian


In theory, colors are divided in terms of warm and cool. All the colors considered warm have some red or yellow in them. In contrast, colors considered warm will have some blue, violet, green, black and white in them. This theory has been applied to different artistic pursuits, including interior designing and architectural work.

When it comes to tiles in the Philippines, this theory is applied through its various types and patterns. For architects and interior designers, cool colored floor and wall tiles are recommended when it comes to designing living rooms because these colors automatically make any person feel more relaxed and at home. Living rooms need to be able to calm the people inside because these are meant to be areas of reading, watching, entertainment, and hanging out with loved ones.

If you are currently in the middle of designing a living room with cool colors, then these are tiles you can use to bring those hues to life.



Vivere wall tiles in the Philippines have a strong white undercurrent and a glossy finish to them. While most of these items are either a shade of beige, white, or grey, the green tile stands out like the 20×30 264 B Verde. If you would want a natural and earthy design for your tiles, then you should go with this pattern.


[20x30] 264B Green-Marble
[20×30] 264B Green-Marble

This type of color can bring relief because it is soothing for the eyes. According to CNN, people comfortably see green because of how light tends to reach the eyes. Green is one of the most calming colors because of how the human eye translates waves of light into color.



Timber floor tiles are the best if you want tiles that are both classy and timeless. This is evidenced by the 20×100 AI 207 and the AI 209. Because these shades are not too bright, these will fit with any theme and trend. Furthermore, the impartial looking appearance of this type will add a sense of stability to individuals who enter the room mainly because of its strong appearance and sturdy quality.

[20x100] AI207
[20×100] AI207


20x100 AI210
[20×100] AI210


Oak floor tiles for sale are another example of how details, can make any space more tranquil. Contrary to the name of the collection, oak is not only meant to replicate the look and feel of oak trees. It aims to be distinguished from its the natural feel of a rustic environment. Oak can be very reminiscent of open roads and farmlands.

In this collection, you can choose any floor tile from this collection for a splash of cool color into your living room. You have 30×30 3443 Tier if you want dark brown or the 30×30 3432 if you want gray.




Novara floor tiles are one of the most artistic ways of adding cool colors to your living room because it includes natural stone patterns in all of its designs. For example, 30×30 L52 Sandstone is a combination of beige and neutral brown large-sized rocks, while the 30×30 L49 gravel can be described as a mixture of white and grey pebbles.



[30x30] L49
[30×30] L49

With Novara floor tiles, you don’t have to exert too much effort in decorating a living room. Both the 30×30 L52 Sandstone and 30×30 L49 gravel can become the focus point.


[30×30] L52


Corinthian floor tiles for sale are one of the brighter cool-toned floor tiles for sale because all the items in this collection are different shades of beige.




Beige is a good option for a cool color for any living room because it is not too loud but it is not that muted a shade either. It can remind people of purity and elegance because of its clean look. When people enter the living room, the Corinthian tiles will immediately make them think that they are in the presence of a classic.


Key Takeaway

Cool-colored tiles are a great addition to any architecture’s living room design because these just exude what interior design should be; relaxing, entertaining, and social. This list of wall and floor tile collections go beyond giving you your desired shade. They are interesting because of their individual details as well.

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