How to Decorate Your Interiors Using Subway Tiles

What kinds of subway tiles can you use to decorate your interiors?

  1. Beveled subway tiles
  2. Colored subway tiles
  3. White subway tiles
  4. Black subway tiles



Among all the tiles for sale currently, subway tiles are a few of those that are gaining popularity or as millennials say “trending.” Subway tiles first debuted in the early 1900s at New York City’s subterranean train stations, hence the name. Shortly after, it ventured beyond the subway floors and walls and into the bathrooms and kitchens of prewar houses.

The use of subway tiles was for both aesthetic and practical reasons. They were easy to clean, light reflective, and stain resistant. These rectangle-shaped tiles simply made these rooms what they should be: hygienic and stylish.

Although you can argue that subway tiles never really went out of style, they certainly aren’t as popular now as they were then. At least not until the past couple of years when it came back into the spotlight. It is possible that nostalgia plays a big role in why subway tiles are making a return since they speak to a more elegant and easier time.

Reasons aside, subway tiles are definitely making a comeback, so you may want to consider them if you’re in the process of decorating your interior. There are several kinds available and we’ll tell you how you can use each one!



Beveled Subway Tiles

As the name suggests beveled subway tiles have beveled edges which allows them to give off the impression of a three-dimensional design. Another reason beveled subway tiles are appreciated is the play of light and shadow they create. Moreover, they stand out more than other components because they add texture and depth to the décor.

You can use them as a backsplash for your kitchen or for your bathroom walls to achieve a simple look that doesn’t look monotonous. Just keep in mind that they’re a little bit more difficult to clean compared to the regular kind because of the hollows so this may cause a bit of inconvenience.



Colored Subway Tiles (Modwalls)

(Source: Modwalls)

Colored Subway Tiles

Colored subway tiles allow for a very wide range of interior design options and can greatly affect the overall mood of the room you’re decorating.

Want a room to feel energizing and cheerful? Go for a bold and loud color like red. You can even use yellow for a little subtlety. If it’s a room you want to feel peace and tranquility in, then choose a cool tone like blue. You can even mix things up to create patterns that are unique to your home.



White Subway Tiles

White subway tiles are as classic as they can get; they were the kind that was used for the New York subway platforms. Of course, their look has changed over time and slight design changes have been made but they still have the same lasting impact the original ones had.

If you want to create a simple and monochromatic interior, then white subway tiles are the best choice. Regardless of the dimension and shape, they are sure to deliver a classic, clean, and elegant look.

You can also pair them with dark grout or brightly-colored elements for visual contrast or light colored components to make your room look more spacious. White subway tiles are one of the most versatile types, so you’re sure to find a good use for them no matter what room you are decorating.



Black Subway Tiles

Black Subway Tiles

Black isn’t the most popular color when it comes to tiles of any kind, but it shouldn’t be dismissed to the sidelines. It is a very practical color that can hide stains well, which makes the tiles very easy to maintain.

You can take advantage of these qualities by creating a kitchen design that makes it stand out. You can also play with contrasts in interesting and unusual ways with the use of black subway tiles.

One way to do this is to pair it with a white grout to create stunning visual contrast. Other shades of black can also work well with materials and finishes that will highlight the color’s beauty. Finally, complement them with black countertops, appliances, and furniture accents for a simple but elegant look.



Key Takeaway

There are a lot of tiles for sale all over the world but subway tiles are undoubtedly one of the most evergreen tile types that have ever been made available. It continues to hold its popularity through centuries and is bound to maintain its position for more to come.

So if you want a design that will remain beautiful, elegant, and popular for a long time, then you can never go wrong with choosing subway tiles. They truly shine in the kitchen and the bathroom but you can use them for practically any room in your home!