5 Decor Ideas to Create Relaxing Spaces

What are decor ideas to create relaxing spaces?

  1. Choose light colors
  2. Adorn with natural materials
  3. Have plenty of natural light
  4. Bring the beauty of plants in
  5. Go for soft textiles


With everyone across the world spending more time in their homes right now, more and more people are trying to elevate the style of their spaces. This quarantine resulted in social media feeds being filled with endless newly renovated rooms. Among all of these, however, there has been a focus on relaxing space ideas.

The trend for cozy spaces is rising to popularity, even among tile suppliers in the Philippines. Homeowners are looking for ways to find comfort in their homes and stimulate their well-being. As your home is your refuge, you’d also want it to feel relaxing when life gets busy or stressful. Plus, if there’s a perfect time to renovate your home, it is right now — when you are spending more time indoors.

Tailor your living room to become serene and unwind with your family or sprawl around your soothing bedroom while reading a book. Here’s a guide on the best relaxing space ideas and how to achieve them!


Choose Light Colors

Choose Light Colors

[60×60] QG26303

For a calm living room, it’s all about light and gentle shades. Your choice of color scheme will define the vibe of the space. Fortunately, light colors have a natural effect that is both pleasing and relaxing. These are characterized as muted, simplistic, and calm.

When it comes to incorporating light colors, opt for neutrals such as shades of white, beige-brown, and light grey. And to incorporate warmth into the flooring, try choosing a subtle textured cream tile and match it with crisp white walls.

When it comes to adding a light color palette to your living room, you can stick to slabs of QG26303. Then, top off the design with minimalist furnishings such as neutral upholstery fabric, simple frames, potted plants, and white drawers.


Adorn with Natural Materials

Adorn With Natural Materials

[60×60] P126-4

For most people, living rooms are a sanctuary for relaxing after a long day at work. One decor idea to further exude this is through natural materials. Continuously rising to popularity among seasoned interior designers and aspiring home decorators alike, these decor elements have become a staple for styling cozy modern spaces.

Using materials such as wood, burlap, linen, and timber is a way to forge a link with nature. The result of this is creating an intrinsic calm ambiance.

In this photo, wood elements are used mindfully for doors, ceilings, tables, and chairs. Go for neutral carpets, curtains, and upholstery to truly bring out the cozy feel that you’re going for. Instead of using traditional lights, use rustic ceiling fans and wood-adorned lamps as well.


Have Plenty of Natural Light

Have Plenty Of Natural Light

[60×60] M118-4

For any space in homes, lighting plays a vital role. It can make or break the decor and even exude a relaxed appeal. There is no doubt that natural light is an instant mood booster. Unnaturally-lit rooms hamper the relaxing factor of spaces. So, let as much natural light as possible.

During the day, large and sprawling windows can let in more natural light. If you want some shade, you can opt for sheer curtains to create a soft, diffused light that still retains privacy. When the sun goes down, use warm ambient lighting to creating a calming mood.

As for the decor, matching naturally lit spaces with neutral colors is the way to go. This photo perfectly matched the subtle textured 60×60 stone-look tiles with wooden tables and a standout gray couch. Simple accessories such as light-colored throw pillows and potted greeneries unified the cozy design without being too disruptive.


Bring the Beauty of Plants In

Bring The Beauty Of Plants In

[30×90] G2C-12NPEA + G2C-13NPEA + G2C-14MEA

By now, you would have probably noticed the popularity of indoor plants in homes. For a good reason, indoor plants are more than just a decoration. These can instantly breathe life into spaces and even make a positive difference in people’s well-being. Plus, plants improve indoor air quality as well.

A bunch of lovely flowers or an arrangement of green leaves can all bring a relaxed feel into rooms. It can be as simple as gathering a bunch of plants from your backyard and popping them in a vase.

If you have a hard time keeping potted plants alive, have an accent plant wall in your home. Check out how this bathroom photo pairs wood-look tiles for walls and floors and wooden tables to go with the accent wall. It is a cozy standout element that will make you enjoy taking a relaxing bath every day.


Go for Soft Textiles

Go For Soft Textiles

[40×40] 4040Q

The textiles that you layer on play an important role in creating a relaxing space. One look at drapes that pool on the floor and loose-fitting canopy curtains can bring a sense of calm.

Go for textiles on furniture such as knits, velvet, and suede. For rugs, carpets, throw pillows, and blankets, make sure to have coordinating colors. This cohesiveness will offer tranquility for your mind and eyes even more.


Key Takeaway

In this guide, we have rounded up five relaxing space ideas. From choosing light colors to having plenty of natural light, you are bound to find a style idea for transforming your spaces.

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