7 Decor Hacks for Millennial Homeowners

What décor tricks Millennial homeowners should give a try?

  1. Accessorize with statement pieces
  2. Color code your décor
  3. Make a gallery wall
  4. Choose brass accents
  5. Think functional but decorative
  6. Make neutral colors pop
  7. Try minimalism


Every homeowner wants their space to look its best. This is why they explore different tips and tricks in order to achieve this goal. If you are a Millennial homeowner, you’re probably versed with designing and decorating your own home what with all the available interior design content everywhere. But it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few more tips and tricks to help you out!

In the Philippines, tiles can help you achieve different design ideas. In fact, you can use the floor and wall installations as the basis for the décor that you are going to adapt in your space. This is the reason why exploring floor tiles for sale in the market will be an efficient design move.

There are many other tips that you can use in order to maximize elements from different design styles. Here are some of them:


Accessorize with Statement Pieces

[60×60] CB6111 and [30×60] I-QF3606

Accessorize with Statement Pieces

Maximizing statement pieces is something that every homeowner should integrate for their living space.

Accessorizing with statement pieces all boils down to how clever it is. The whole ingenuity of it all is what makes it stand out. You can try reusing different pieces from your closet like jewelry as your ornaments. For example, you can decorate your room with beads from old bracelets or necklaces.

Whatever your preference is, you should know that every statement piece you see can be a suitable décor option.


Color Code your Décor

Bringing out your personality through interior design should be a norm. You can do this by following a color coding pattern.

Objects around the room will form symmetry if you apply an option to color code them. This is the easiest décor hack from the list because it is as easy as matching certain colored items together, provided that they are not out of place in that room. Not only is it beautiful to look at but color coding your décor can also make guests see that your house is well-organized and vibrant!


Make a Gallery Wall

[60×60] M71

Make a Gallery Wall

Art makes a huge difference in interior design. You can maximize this décor hack for your space by having a gallery wall where you can put up art pieces with a specific style that is suitable for you.

Think of it as your personal exhibit where you can let your taste and preference show. Pick elegant and tasteful works to hang on your wall and you can improve efforts further by matching it with your wall and floor tiles. It’s either you choose canvas art or a sculpture installation; whichever you select should spruce up your room even a little.


Choose Brass Accents

Brass accents are making the rounds because of its eclectic and sophisticated style. Marble-like tiles are best for brass accents especially if it has gold streaks in them. For some inspiration, check out RAK’s Golden Marble [59.5×59.5] A06GZGMA-GY0.G0P (pattern3), found exclusively at FC!

Choose Brass Accents


Think Functional but Decorative

This tip will be very useful for those who are living in a smaller space. Just like tiles in the Philippines, you can effectively manage its functionality with its aesthetic quality. For instance, you can install larger tiles (ideal sizes are 60×120, 80×80, and 60×60) to make the impression that a room is bigger than it is.

This design tip can help you manage your living area well because making pieces functional and decorative can be a way to make it more spacious. An example of a functional but decorative piece would be hidden storage compartments. They can help you make the most out of the available space and give you an illusion of a larger room.


Think Functional But Decorative

[60×60] MT5

Make Neutrals Pop

Neutrals can enhance a minimalist style because its palette can improve warmth in the room. You can choose shades of white, beige and light grey to complement the bolder hues in your room. Paying attention to this color scheme can give you more freedom to explore design options with natural elements such as wood or succulents, creating a sort of contrast with the neutral surroundings.


Try Minimalism

Committing to a single style can represent a sleek and crisp modern décor which is what many millennials are choosing for their interior style at present. Aim for a modest yet sophisticated design which can create a balance among pieces. You may think that a minimal design cannot bring out a glamorous style but its clean look can give a different kind of charm altogether.

A minimalist interior can sometimes be understated but if you are going to integrate it into your space, it can stand out.


Key Takeaway

Having a specific décor to complement the accents that you want to have for your room will ultimately lead to a consistently favorable design for your space. With effective design solutions and high-quality products, FC Tile Depot can help you achieve these hacks for your home.

With our floor tiles for sale, you can be one step closer to achieving these décor hacks! See more of our products here.