Creative Uses for Leftover Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines

What are the best and most creative ways to make use of leftover ceramic tiles?

  1. Make eccentric coasters
  2. Use it as a cutting board
  3. Jazz up a serving tray
  4. Frame your mirror
  5. Create a stunning mosaic


Ceramic tiles in the Philippines aren’t just for walls, backsplashes, and floors. They have a couple other creative uses that many people don’t seem to know. That’s why leftover tiles are often sent straight to the bin for disposal, which, by the way, is such a waste.

There are so many ways to reuse ceramic tiles from turning them into creative décor to practical equipment that you can use in your daily life. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a set of ceramic tiles that you just happened to buy too much of or a few pieces that you removed during renovation.

Old or new, ceramic tiles can be repurposed to a number of things. So if you’ve got them in your garage or attic, then resist the urge to throw them away and look at the list below! We’ll be giving you some ideas on how to creatively use leftover ceramic tiles for your home!

Turn them into Coasters

Turn them into Coasters

The best way to reuse leftover tiles is to turn them into simple and appealing coasters. You can do this much easier if you have small 3×3 tiles, but it can still be done even if you have big-sized tiles. The only thing you have to do then is cut them into smaller pieces—on your own or with the help of someone more, shall we say, handy.

If you find that the edges and underside too sharp and dangerous, simple sand them down. And to avoid scratching the surface of your tables, consider adding some kind of padding underneath.

Ceramic tile coasters can be a beautiful addition to your dining setup or a unique and personal gift to a friend. What’s even better is you can decorate them to fit whatever occasion!


Use It as a Cutting Board

Leftover tiles make for a durable and easy-to-clean cutting board and it’s also quite easy to make!

If you have a large ceramic tile, then all you have to do is sand the edges and wipe it clean. On the other hand, if you have smaller tiles, then all you have to do is glue them to a clean piece of wood and add grout. The grout should dry thoroughly before you can sand the edges and wipe it clean.

Once that’s done, you may also want to add padding underneath to protect your countertops—similar to how it is with the ceramic coasters.

Jazz Up a Serving Tray

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Jazz Up a Serving Tray

Placing a few small tile pieces on the surface of a traditional serving tray gives it a lovely and personal touch. It also makes the tray easier to clean and subsequently allows it to last a little longer.

All you need for this basic DIY project is a strong adhesive, plastic mesh, sanding paper, and tiles. The first thing you have to do is sand down the serving tray to make sure the surface is flat and clean. Lay down a thin layer of adhesive, place the plastic mesh, and then lay down the tiles. Let it dry for a few hours and you’ve got yourself an upgraded tray that you can use to serve breakfast in bed.


Frame Your Mirror

Mirrors are one of those pieces of furnishing that you spend a lot of time looking at whether you are vain or not. You use it in the morning before you head out and in the evening as you do your nighttime facial routine or simply brush your teeth. While some mirrors can be beautiful, most are bland and boring, so why not make them attractive in its own right?

Simply outline your mirror with your leftover ceramic tiles to make them stand out a bit more. You can use tiles from the same set or have a little more fun and alternate between different sets.

Create a Stunning Mosaic

Create a Stunning Mosaic

Here’s where you can have a lot of fun and release a ton of stress while simultaneously creating something beautiful and decorative.

Lay down your tiles on a flat and cemented surface, grab your handy hammer, and then start smashing away. The randomly-shaped shards that will come out of this activity can be shaped into different patterns and used to make a striking mosaic, which you can hang up wherever you want.

Turning leftover tiles into a stunning mosaic, while smashingly fun, is also dangerous so make sure you wear protective gloves and eyewear during the DIY.


Key Takeaway

Repurposing ceramic tiles in the Philippines isn’t just a great way to create decorative items for cheap, it is also a way to reduce waste and ultimately help the environment. So before you start throwing them into the bin, think about the number of ways you can use them.

Beyond walls and flooring, ceramic tiles can be used to create unique coasters, cutting boards, and eye-catching mosaics. You can also use them to bring a little life to your plain serving trays and mirrors.

Aside from what’s given above, there are more ways to use ceramic tiles—old or new—so don’t be afraid of getting creative!