How to Create Your Own Victorian-Style Kitchen

How can you create your own Victorian-style kitchen?

  1. Have a large cook’s table or island in the middle of the kitchen
  2. Prioritize good lighting
  3. Go for ornately carved patterns
  4. Pick the right kitchen tiles


The kitchen is a place to cook some of the most delicious recipes and dine with your friends and family at home. This means that making your kitchen look its best will only level up your home’s interior design. When it comes to the best home design ideas, you would need to get the best tiles for sale and pick the most ideal design patterns.

One of the best design themes that you can try for your kitchen is Victorian. Classy, elegant, and old-fashioned, having a Victorian-style kitchen will surely add a classic touch to your home. Here are some of the best ways to add that Victorian charm to your own kitchen.


Have a large cook’s table or island in the middle

One of the main features of a Victorian-style kitchen is a large cook’s table or island in the middle. This cook’s table must contain a sink and space to prepare meals as well as organize ingredients. This large cook’s table makes sure that you would have ample space to create some of your most delicious recipes while also having storage space for some of your ingredients. This makes it more convenient compared to having to move to other areas of your kitchen to get them.


Prioritize Good Lighting

A Victorian kitchen is not just about the style and old-fashioned charm; it is also a kitchen that must have good lighting. It is important to keep your kitchen brightly lit at all times because this would not only help brighten up the atmosphere but would also make sure that you are able to cook your best meals with no problem.


Go for ornately carved patterns for your furniture

The Victorian design is known for having a diverse selection of ornately carved shapes in their furniture. These intricate patterns help enhance the look of your kitchen and are a fitting call back to designs of old. Ornate and regal patterns are a common characteristic, as it gives a touch of class and elegance in the kitchen, making it a very fitting place to create some of the most delicious cuisine at home. These carvings and patterns also add a degree of craftsmanship that makes your kitchen look more graceful, making it a very elegant place to cook and prepare your meals.


Pick the right kitchen tiles

To complete the look of your Victorian-style kitchen, it is best to pick the best kitchen tiles for sale and find the best pattern that would suit your design. There is a wide selection of kitchen tile designs to choose from. Let’s take a look at some off the best ones that would fit your Victorian-style kitchen:


Golden Marble

Golden Marble

59.9×59.9 Golden Marble

Along with wooden patterns and designs, marble patterns are also some of the best design choices for Victorian-style kitchens. This makes the Golden Marble collection a great tile design that would be a great fit for your kitchen’s countertop and tables. For the best color, choosing Arabesque Grey adds a classic touch.




59.9×59.9 Orion

Another marble pattern, the Orion collection is another great design that provides a cleaner look for your kitchen. Statuario Bianco is a color choice for your kitchen, as it provides elegance while helping brighten up your kitchen.




20×30 Musa

With wooden and marble tile designs being great fits for a Victorian-style kitchen, the Musa line of tiles provides variations of both designs. You can choose between wood dark brown or wood light brown if you plan to choose wooden design patterns, while you can go for marble ivory and marble grey if you want to go for the classic marble patterns.




60×60 Celestial

If you want a darker marble color, you can go for the Celestial collection. The dark marble shades of Nero and Anthracite are great choices for those looking for that dark and sleek look.


Key Takeaway

Creating your own Victorian-style kitchen at home adds a touch of classic style that calls back to an older era, and the best way to replicate these ornate and regal designs is by using some of the best marble and porcelain tiles that FC Tile Depot has on offer. Click here to find the best tile designs that will complete your Victorian-style kitchen!