How to Create More Visual Space for Your Rooms Using Tiles

How can you create more visual space for your rooms using tiles?

  1. 60×60 tiles
  2. Light-colored tiles
  3. Choose glossy and iridescent finishes
  4. Think of the orientation of the tiles
  5. Make your flooring consistent throughout your room


Tiles provide a beautiful and easy-to-maintain surface to all spaces, no matter what their dimensions are. Utilizing this versatile and flexible material for your homes can generate all the difference, especially if you’re looking to enhance your visual space with tiles.

You can easily customize the way you perceive the dimension of your space through different tile sizes, colors, finishes, placement, and installation. You will assuredly discover the right tile that will accommodate your needs and personal taste because of the wide and broad variety available. If you’re looking to create a more visual area for your space, here are 5 ways you can create more depth and perception with tiles.


60×60 tiles

60x60 Tiles

There are many tile sizes being offered for floors and surfaces, and one of the most popular and staple choice homeowners make for tile sizes are the 60×60 tiles. These tiles are arguably large enough to trick the eye in making a space look more spacious and larger, rather than compact. When you opt for large format tiles like the 60×60 tile, your space will appear to have a sleeker look and a feeling of spaciousness. It equally possesses a great size large enough to make a space look wide without making it too overwhelming.

60×60 tiles can be installed on both walls and floors, so take your pick and transform your space with this tile size to establish more visual space for your room!

60×60 tiles will perform its best in open spaces. These large tiles will give the eyes relief from big grout lines. And when dealing with grout, you can make your space look even roomier by matching the grout color to your chosen tile. It will instantly present a cohesive appearance because of the minimal contrast.


Light-colored tile

Light Colored Tile

If you’re looking for colors and shades that will make your spaces and rooms look bigger than they seem, opt for light-colored tiles. Paler shades of tiles installed to your floors or walls will engage and reflect natural and artificial light, which will visually open up your space. This method is amazingly effective in bathrooms, which typically already contain a considerable number of white fixtures through toilets, sinks, and tubs. Whichever light-colored tile you choose, it will match the white-colored surfaces and will additionally create a seamless look.


Choose glossy and iridescent finishes

Choose Glossy And Iridescent Finishes

The finish of your tiles contributes a massive role in how spacious your room looks like. If you want to construct more visual space, just like light-colored tiles, glazed and glossy tiles will obtain natural and artificial light reflect and bounce back. This can cause the room to feel and appear larger. These tiles are essential to install in living rooms because this is where the most natural light shines through windows. Your iridescent tiles will welcome the light and constitute a more luminous and visually broader dimension.

If you’re worrying over how these tiles might cause slips and injuries in your home, you’d be relieved to know that most of these textured floor tiles add grip with their non-slip properties. As a result, it doesn’t only make them visually appealing but also adds practicality and safety within your space.


Think of the orientation of the tiles

Think Of The Orientation Of The Tiles

One of the most effective strategies you can do when utilizing tiles on the surfaces of your spaces is to lay them in such a way that they will look more spacious. Diagonal placement for tiles is the most common as it designates the spaces to look wider. On the other hand, tiles that are laid in even rows will shift the eye along those lines, further elongating the spaces. This is also more ideal to apply on walls, as they are where it will be most visible.


Make your flooring consistent throughout your room

Make Your Flooring Consistent Throughout Your Room

Don’t be afraid to use your chosen tiles consistently in your spaces. Using the same tile on the floor or even on your walls will develop a unified look and will visually elongate your room. If you’re not a fan of installing tiles to all the surfaces, you can enlarge cramped rooms by painting the walls of a similar color to your chosen tile. Blending the tile colors to your walls will ultimately double your space in a room rather than creating contrasting colors that appear to have separate spaces.


Key Takeaway

If you’re looking to customize your visual space with tiles, there are many ways to go about it. You have a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes to choose from. FC Tile Depot offers the most exceptional quality of tiles in the Philippine market with competitive pricing on our continuous range of tiles. Our tiles are locally available in our stores and online which are open to browse at your leisure! Click here to visit the nearest branch!