How to Create Bohemian Home Interiors

How can you create bohemian home interiors?

  1. Go for Natural Elements
  2. Lean into earth-like hues
  3. Get inspired by nature
  4. Let natural light come in


There is a myriad of style choices when it comes to decorating homes, but one of the most popular interior design styles today is known as Bohemian. Admittedly, bohemian tiles for sale in the Philippines are also gaining recognition. The boho-aesthetic is for those who want their homes to exude modern sensibilities while embracing carefree and unique elements. If you’re wondering how to create bohemian home interiors, this guide offers you just that.

Modern bohemian homes are well-loved because they remind people to relax through the most artistic, yet tranquil way possible. Inspired by free-spirits who constantly travel, this kind of interior has a wide style range with bright and heavily patterned ornaments and multi-cultural mélange schemes at its forefront. If you want to add a bohemian flair to your home, continue reading!


Go for Natural Elements

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One look at a bohemian design is enough to tell that it champions natural elements. The most important being wood. Whether found in furniture, accents, or tiles, touches of wood and outdoor materials will bring instant warmth and comfort in boho spaces.

For those who are unaware of this aesthetic, it is often described as unconventional and eclectic. It unleashes texture and pattern in a way that offers a relaxed and one-of-a-kind appeal. As the polar opposite of minimalism and sleekness, it welcomes outdoor textures with open arms. Finding ways to incorporate natural elements is a great approach to introduce a bohemian design in your home. Adding global-inspired decor can also infuse a sense of exoticism.


Lean into Earth-Like Hues

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While there are generally no rules when it comes to bohemian home interiors, warm earthy colors are commonly seen. After all, it is a style that is closely associated with nature. Think deep browns, olive greens, and rustic terracotta oranges for base colors, and then accessorizing with saturated purples, mustards, fiery reds, and electric blues.

Combining and layering colors in a wild yet peaceful manner is what makes the boho style stand out. Keep in mind that Bohemian-inspired designs can get overbearing and somewhat chaotic quickly, which could single-handedly ruin the design. Use white to strategically avoid this and add a complementing effect to your home.


Get Inspired by Nature

Get Inspired By Nature

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For bohemian spaces, lush greeneries will always be a mandatory piece of decor. Without the presence of botanicals, your home can look flat and unappealing even with vibrant textures. Plus, the role of plants not only brings the beauty of nature indoors—a key element of the bohemian interior—but they also improve air quality and add more life to any room.

The rule for boho decor is that anything goes. However, you don’t have to surround your house full of plants. A good way to do this is by looking at the room’s corners. Succulents that can vary in shape and texture can embellish the top of corner tables. Tall snake plants and dracaenas can be placed near windows to receive a little sun. Cascading leaves from spider plants can drape over wall shelves for an added boho-chic charm. You can also add hanging plants to create visual interest in your home.


Let Natural Light Come In

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Ambient lighting is another key to unifying your bohemian home and completing the calm and welcoming feel. Rather than overhead fixtures, let natural light come in. For lighting at night, you can decorate with warm floor lamps, table lamps, woven pendant lights, geometric glass lights, or vintage chandeliers. Today’s global designs make it easy to find lighting with a variety of shapes and styles—perfect for the mix-and-match look of boho decor.


Key Takeaway

If you’re wondering about how to create bohemian home interiors, this guide will help you achieve it in every space of your home.

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