A Guide on Coordinating Different Flooring Options for Your Home

Sticking to one style of flooring can be boring. But if you know more about floor tiles in the Philippines, you can find more than one option for your installation.

Coordinating different flooring options for your home can well be the answer to a complex and stylish interior. It might be hard to visualize the mix-and-match pattern of different flooring options but when you step back and see the outcome of it all, you will see that it will be a unique addition to your home.

See how you can maximize the aesthetics and functionality of floor tiles from the Philippines by reading this guideline.

Balance busy patterns

Balance busy patterns

Balancing busy patterns may come off chaotic at first. But if you are going to use statement tiles as accents, you will find that it will be able to come up with unique features in a room.

This will surely make an area in the room stand out. Combine them with large-scale plain tiles or neutral-colored tiles so you would not risk having confusing patterns. Balancing a plain design with many complex patterns will avoid a combination that will make your eyes spin. Maintain the aesthetic quality of it all by exploring the balance between plain and complex.

Achieve this look by restricting your use of patterned tiles to one surface either on your floor or on a feature wall. Take, for example, this statement emblem tile combined with stone-inspired tiles in different patterns taking the backstage.

Play with scale

Play with scale

Coordinating tiles can be about playing with scale. To make one flooring option stand
out, you can create a balance by combining small and large-scale patterns.

The monochromatic palette will make a harmonious combination of the tiles. This
technique will assure you that the combination of tiles will not be an eyesore in the room
you choose to install it, regardless of varying formats.


Treat stone as a neutral

Provide an earthy and natural look with the combination of stone tiles and furniture in
warm, homey colors. Stone tiles can soften the graphic grout line and create a cohesive
design as well.

We suggest the use of floor tiles in natural gray stone like our [60×60] 6186P that will
add visual interest to the neutral furniture without having to compete for focal attention.

natural gray stone [60x60] 6186P


Combine matte finishes

Combine matte finishes

Coordinate two types of matte tile and break up large areas with an alternative surface.
This could also work if you combine the matte tiles with plain painted walls. Get away
with combining similar-size tiles and busy patterns by choosing a matte style that will
complement the surface designs of each.

High gloss tiles can work beautifully with the soft finish of monochrome floor tiles. The
matte surface will not appear as dull if they are installed as one single pattern, but
combining it with other tile options will bring enough back to its aesthetic potential and
stylish pattern.


Vary shape, not color

Combining colors in floor tiles will not end up well. Instead of that, vary the shape of the
tiles. For an easy combination that will work in any space, take two tile designs in the
same solid color but in different shapes. This way, you can let the grout line form the

This is a complex but easy tile installation technique that does not deal too much with
the technicalities of everything. For a more standout effect, choose a contrasting shade
like a dark gray grout paired with white tiles and tiny hexagonal mosaics.


Be consistent with patterns

It would be advisable to take it easy on mixing patterns that can be quite confusing to
look at. What you can do is you can use tiles in different sizes and colors, but you have
to make sure that you keep the shape consistent for a harmonious effect. Include tiles in
two colors and two sizes but on the same pattern on each surface so that it will create a
visual connection between the two tiles.


Do not go crazy on colors

Coordinating flooring options will remind you to limit your color palette. For a room with
a lot of different surfaces, minimize the competition between the patterns by choosing a
restricted color palette. But try not to play it safe with the colors as well.
If you would want a more muted tone in the installation, you can choose gray and white
which will make the room look and feel elegant and cohesive.


Key Takeaway

Coordinating different flooring patterns is a great way to achieve the best quality of floor
design for your home. Feel free to consult your tile depot’s opinion about your
installation plan. This way, you can avoid any disastrous combos!