Cool Tiles in the Philippines for Foyers and Pool Areas

What are the cool tile designs for foyers and pool areas in the Philippines?

  1. For Foyers: Textile-Inspired, Marble Tile Design, and All Traditional
  2. For the Pool Area: Class & Glass and Porcelain Detailed


Foyers and pool areas are one of the most social places in your home; these are the spaces where you usually welcome your guests. Thus, you always want it to look pleasant and presentable. Installing tiles from the Philippines with cool designs is one of the simplest ways you can achieve such a look.

But why stop there when you can also add character to these places by opting for intricate patterns and timeless designs that you can easily find among the floor tiles for sale in the country? There are so many choices available that you can personify these areas according to your tastes.

Continue reading to view some inspirations!



Foyers should look and feel welcoming to guests because this is considered as the focal point of your home. It reflects the coziness of your space so you must aim for it to be pleasing to the eyes. Installing a wooden tile will surely provide it with a cabin-like feel. Check out FC Tile Depot’s [30×30] 3443 Stripped Wood Dark; it will surely do the trick!

[30x30] 3443 Stripped Wood Dark

Other options you want to explore are the following:

  • Tile-Inspired

Instead of the usual rug or carpet in the entryway of your home, try laying out tiles in a pattern similar to them. This is a unique take on tile design that will wow your guests as they pass by. Foyers should have their very own personality because this is what guests see first when they enter your home. Redefining your idea of a carpet will make this quality shine.

Take a look FC Tile Depot’s [60×60] M80 for reference:

[60x60] M80

  • Marble Tile Design

Minimal is always reliable. Start with choosing a neutral background and then go all out on the centerpiece using marble tiles. You can ask your tile setter about the best patterns that will go with this area. Do not be hesitant to be bold with your design because this will be a great way to maximize the design of your foyer.

  • All Traditional

Traditional tiles are still here to stay. Their versatility and the character that they add to your foyer make all the difference in the whole design. Traditional designs include basic, plain tiles, and vintage patterns. These are tiles that are not easily forgotten simply because they are minimalist but bold at the same time.


Pool Areas

There’s nothing like a quick dip in the pool to make you feel refreshed. After a long day, what’s better than to chill in a picturesque view surrounded by still waters?

Installing tiles in your pool area would be a great decision because this will improve the appearance and functionality of the place. Take a look at this [30×30-Mosaic] AL-010L for inspiration!

[30x30-Mosaic] AL-010L

For more of these, check out the items below:

  • Class and Glass

The right mix of luxury and simplicity, glass mosaic tiles are the best tiles to install in a pool area. With the various patterns and colors that give off a cool vibe to your pool, incorporating glass mosaic tiles is the premier choice for pool installations. Keep in mind that these are also tiles that champion functionality because they are highly reflective and easy to clean.

FC Tile Depot’s [30×30-Mosaic] YF2508 could be what you’re looking for!

[30x30-Mosaic] YF2508

  • Detailed Porcelain

If you are aiming for durability and versatility, porcelain tiles are what you should be aiming for. Timeless and elegant in its own right, porcelain holds a character on its own with the same options that are offered by glass mosaic tiles. It is also resistant to harsh cleaning agents, scratches, stains, and fading. The porcelain installation is definitely unmatched.


Key Takeaway

Foyer and pool areas are common hangout places for visitors at your home. It is not just about incorporating tiles for the heck of it because tiles will deliver aesthetics and functionality to your home. Knowing the right kind of tile supplier is essential in achieving these stylish looks.

Who better to call about your tile needs than FC Tile depot? With our team’s constant commitment to providing tile solutions to every Filipino family, you can ensure that investing in our tiles would be a good decision. More than just the surface details, our products and services have high-quality capabilities suitable for every home. Talk to us here!