3 Contemporary Tile Designs to Spruce Your Home

What are some contemporary tile designs to spruce up your home?

  1. Natural stone veined tile designs
  2. Wood-look tiles
  3. Crisp white big slab tiles


You have likely noticed the influence of contemporary design everywhere you look. Today’s contemporary style is fitting for commercial spaces, workplaces, and loft condominiums alike. But during the past years, it has mainly found its way into residential interiors with contemporary tile designs being used to spruce up just about any home space — whether it’s the bathroom, living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Contemporary design is ever-evolving. It involves borrowing elements from all kinds of interior design themes to reflect what is trendy nowadays. Trust us when we say that any contemporary tile supplier in the Philippines can help you transform the overall look of your place. Fundamentally, contemporary design is characterized by minimalism, neutral palettes, subtle sophistication, intentional use of textures, and clean lines. Using contemporary tile designs is the key to capturing that warm and welcoming room vibe you have always wanted.

To help you start brainstorming for your home makeover, here are three contemporary tile designs to take inspiration from.


Natural Stone Veined Tile Designs

Natural Stone Veined Tile Designs

[90×180] L0D8FF-33E

Natural stone veined tile designs are a staple for contemporary interiors. It is beneficial for many homeowners because it is made with highly durable and easy-to-maintain porcelain material. The free-flowing vein patterns beautifully reflect the luster of precious stones and capture the sophisticated beauty of glossy marble. It is one of the most sought-after contemporary tile designs typically used in luxurious and high-end homes.

If you want a lavish and contemporary bathroom, take inspiration from the interior above. These dark natural stone veined tiles are the best choice to remind any guest of class. It serves as the perfect backdrop for the crisp white freestanding tub. To fully encapsulate the elegant ambiance, opt for neutral and natural elements. Try using a cream-colored drop curtain, brown wicker bathroom chair, and ultra-modern plants. Consider having sprawling windows as well to let plenty of natural light in.


Wood-Look Tiles

Wood Look Tiles

[60X120] Y1GL17GE + [15×90] 1590P1

Ever wanted to come home to a place that gives off a warm, relaxing, welcoming ambiance? Using wood-look tiles is the way to go. In recent years, tile suppliers have become adept at manufacturing porcelain tiles with the look of oak, pine, birch, and other wood varieties. Going beyond visual interest, wood-look tiles have a low water absorption rate and immense durability — making them the perfect choice for high-traffic home areas like the living room and kitchen.

Take your cue from the interior above to visually warm up your living room. Use contemporary wood-look tiles that capture relaxing and rustic living at its finest. Make sure to add in accessories and furnishing that use natural materials and neutral palettes as well. Doing so will ensure all your room elements are harmonious with the wood-look tiles. Try adding velvet green and mustard pillows, lumber-legged center tables, pampas grass plants, and sleek white walls.


Crisp White Big Slab Tiles

Crisp White Big Slab Tiles

[90×180] L0D6GA-80E

White will always be a color ever-present in contemporary and minimalist homes. For good reason, the subtle hue effortlessly makes spaces bright and spacious. A crisp white room can feel like a haven after coming from a long day at work. And when it comes to contemporary tile slabs, white is also the color you can fully embrace. Thanks to its high resistance to water, stain, and chemicals, it is ideal for the bathroom area.

You can take inspiration from this bright bathroom above and use an all-white palette. First, you’d want to have a sprawling window at the back of your tub area to bring in more light to the space. Then, stick to all-white fixtures and fittings to create a complementary look. Bring in plenty of plants to enhance your décor. Plants are also known for improving air quality.

Decorating your sink countertop with different shades of brown such as beige, taupe, and wheat brown adds visual interest. Mix in a bunch of mute-colored accessories such as a white potted flower and white product bottles to infuse the cozy vibe better.


Key Takeaway

Contemporary tile designs are best suited for homeowners who want to stay on top of the current trends in interior designs. For your home renovation, take inspiration from the style guide above!

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