Common Tile Mistakes You Should Avoid for 2020

What are the common tile mistakes you should avoid?

  1. Using wall tiles for flooring
  2. Applying the wrong adhesive
  3. Uneven grouting
  4. Inadequate wall and floor preparation


When it comes to interior design trends for 2020, there are few better ways to elevate rooms and outdoor spaces than installing tiles on your walls and floors. Using tiles in your home helps create colorful and cohesive designs that help establish a consistent theme in different spaces. Tiles also provide a safe and durable surface for you to go around in, providing non-slip properties and long-lasting quality.

With 2020 in full effect, it might be time to do some home redecoration to create a fresh new start for the New Year. This means changing the color and design of your floor and wall tiles, and adding new elements that elevate your interiors.

While installing tiles in your home is a great design choice, there are times when you commit a number of mistakes that can affect the final look of your room. This can not only compromise the design but also create a surface that is uneven and vulnerable to wear and tear. To make sure that you are installing tiles the right way, here are some of the common tile mistakes that you should avoid.


Using wall tiles for flooring

When it comes to choosing the right tiles for your walls and floors, it is best to follow one simple rule for reference: Floor tiles can be used as wall tiles, but wall tiles cannot be used as floor tiles. This means that you can use the same colors and tile designs when incorporating floor tiles, allowing you to create a seamless look for each part of your home.

However, you cannot do this if you are using wall tiles, as they are not meant to handle foot traffic on a regular basis. Following this rule would help make sure you would not be using the wrong kind of tile for your walls and floors as well as establish a durable and well-designed surface.


Applying the wrong adhesive

Applying The Wrong Adhesive

A very common mistake that a lot of people do when installing tiles is using the wrong kind of adhesive. Different types of adhesives are used on tiles to ensure that they would remain steady and planted on the walls and floors, and are resistant to different substances and temperatures. For example, if you are installing a tile in your bathroom or outdoor space, it is best to use a waterproof adhesive to prevent it from getting damaged. Make sure you have multiple types of adhesive at the ready to allow you to adjust accordingly to different parts of your home.


Uneven grouting

Another common mistake that happens when putting on tiles at home, uneven grouting can cause your tile surface to become unstable as well. This means you have a surface that is uncomfortable and unsafe to move around on when on the floor, and would also look unsightly on your walls. When adding grout on your tiles, it is important to be careful and patient, as you would want it to be spread evenly in a large area.

Should you see uneven grouting in your home, it is best to remedy the area immediately by carefully removing the existing grout and re-applying it in a more precise manner. To ensure that you do not get too much grout on your surfaces, make sure you remove any excess grout before it dries up completely.


Inadequate wall and floor preparation

Inadequate Wall And Floor Preparation

Other than using the wrong adhesive, another reason for loose and uneven tiles in your home is due to the inadequate wall and floor preparation is done before installation. It is important to clean your walls and floors accordingly because this helps remove dust and dirt that might cause negative effects to the adhesive. Keep everything clean before deciding to install tiles at home to make sure that you get a better end result.


Key Takeaway

The New Year has just arrived, which means that it is time to add a new set of tile designs in your home. By following these handy tips, you can make sure you would be able to avoid some tile mistakes and successfully pull off some good home design ideas. Click here to learn more with FC Tile Depot!