Make Clean Up a Lot Easier with These 6 Kitchen Habits

What are some kitchen habits to make clean up easier?

  1. Keep Your Countertops Decluttered
  2. Wipe Down Surfaces
  3. Organize the Fridge
  4. Always Empty the Garbage
  5. Cleaning Kitchen Floor Tiles
  6. Use Storage Containers


Your kitchen is one of the busiest places in your household and is also the place where you prepare your daily meals. The failure to keep this space clean can eventually lead to the spread of bacteria and germs, pest infestations, foodborne illnesses, and residue build-up. Fortunately, by cleaning your kitchen tiles and applying these kitchen habits, you can ease your kitchen clean-up process.


Keep Your Countertops Decluttered

Keep Your Countertops Decluttered

Seeing your desk disorganized can make you feel a little bit lost on your prior planned agendas. The same thing with your kitchen countertops, as it may distract your cooking routine with you picking up the wrong ingredients or tools, assuming that they are laid carelessly around. It is important to organize your kitchen supplies and remove the unnecessary mess as they may be susceptible to bacteria.

Make use of your kitchen cabinets for things that you don’t often use. Meanwhile, hanging planters and kitchen racks are great for tools and supplies you always reach out while cooking. Tile countertops and backsplashes don’t require any special cleaners and soaps to do the job since they are easy to maintain and is naturally non-porous. You can simply spray these surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe it down with a soft, microfiber towel.


Wipe Down Surfaces

Sanitizing your kitchen is a must as it may affect the food you serve to your family and may lead to various diseases if not done properly. Everyone should not only make cleaning a habit but also partner it with disinfecting as well. We often think that these are the same thing, but cleaning is just the mere act of removing the trash and kitchen gunk. Disinfecting is when organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites are killed. For instance, salmonella can live up for hours on surfaces. The good news is that proper and simple disinfection techniques can make a difference. It’s a good thing that your tiled countertops and tables are easy to maintain, clean, and disinfect.

One simple disinfecting solution that you can make is having 1 tablespoon of liquid chlorine bleach to 1 gallon of water. After putting away all the dirty dishes, start spraying the solution around and wiping it all over your counter.


Organize the Fridge

Organize The Fridge

Having an organized fridge can help increase its cooling efficiency that may lead to reduced energy consumption and avoid cross-contamination—a leading factor in causing food poisoning. Start by simply decluttering the shelves, following the “First In First Out” rule to avoid wasting food due to unnoticed expiration dates. Use Ziploc bags for meats and label them with their purchase date, helping you identify which meat has been in the fridge for too long. Lastly, schedule a regular cleaning session for your fridge to remove any unwanted food residue or bacteria left by some supplies.


Always Empty the Garbage

Make a habit of taking out the trash, for not only it removes the possibility of foul odors wafting through your house, but also preventing bacteria to spread even more. It also makes room for the succeeding food waste you may make as the day goes on, instead of bearing the spilling out the trash and its smell for the rest of the day.


Cleaning Kitchen Floor Tiles

Cleaning Kitchen Floor Tiles

Although your floor tiles are stain-resistant and durable, you should not overlook drippings and dirt because they are common breeding places for harmful microorganisms. However, with common cleaning supplies and the habit of setting a regular schedule for a thorough cleaning, you can have your tiles gleaming at best. Simple actions such as sweeping the floor for food crumbs and mopping it using warm water can make a huge difference.


Use Storage Containers

Containers are efficient in keeping your food and supplies away from bacteria, all while making it easy for you to store them neatly. Storage containers can also serve as dishes wherein you can straight out eat your food in them, as many are microwaveable. There are also airtight ones, preventing further contamination of your food. Some are stackable and space-saving too, so you can keep your counter as well as your fridge tidy and void of mess.


Key Takeaway

Remember these daily habits in cleaning kitchen tiles to effortlessly breeze through your kitchen cleaning tasks like no other. Click here to check out more useful tips with FC Tile Depot!