Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines: Vintage Tile Pattern Ideas for Your Home

What are the best vintage tile pattern ideas for residential and commercial installations?

  1. Straight or Stack Bond
  2. Diagonal Bond Pattern
  3. Herringbone Tile Pattern
  4. Basket Weave Pattern
  5. Windmill Pattern
  6. Pinwheel Pattern



The various options from tile selections would not be complete without vintage tile designs and they are usually the most popular floor tiles for sale in the market. Using vintage styles would be a viable option as they are a classic design that would not outgrow the interior of your home.

Homes in the Philippines have ceramic tiles as the go-to flooring option because of their durability and efficiency. They can even withstand hot and dry seasons which is perfect for the tropical environment of the country.

Additionally, they come in many different vintage designs as well. They are versatile in terms of functionality and beauty which is a plus for your home’s interior or even exterior aesthetics.

If you are thinking of taking a vintage path for your flooring installation, this guide will give you a closer look at the different patterns that have been a staple in most floor installations:



Straight or Stack Bond

If you would like to have a common and tiling pattern, these tiles that are laid in straight lines which makes the grout lines end up like a grid is perfect for you. Play around with the different color variations of these tiles to make the most out of this design style.

These tiles are placed on top of each other in columns to create a rectangular grid. They are a beautifully neat and contemporary design that can be a versatile tile installation since it can be used in many ways. You can either choose to have a horizontal and vertical installation of these tiles.

Stack bond installations are perfect if you would like a contemporary look for your home. Its straight grid format has a minimalist feel to it that gives a unique quality to your tile installation for your bathroom, kitchen, or commercial spaces.



Diagonal Bond Pattern

Same as the straight bond pattern, they feature the same qualities and look but the difference between them is that diagonal bond pattern tiles are laid on a 45-degree angle. This turns square tiles into diamonds. You can use this style with a border as an added feature.

They are suitable for your kitchen backsplash, or for an entire floor to make a small room look bigger. You can use these tiles for your floor tile installation or for your wall tile installation.

This pattern provides simplicity and ease of a standard that linear bonds provide but from a different angle. You can also create a chessboard-style design with this pattern on your floor in any area of your home.



Herringbone Tiles

Herringbone Tile Pattern

This tile pattern creates a dimension of space in a small room which adds to the graceful movement and flow of the installation. These are perfect for hallways or outdoor paths, with its “V” pattern acting like arrows pointing in a specified direction.

The herringbone pattern can be achieved by laying rectangular tiles in a zig-zag pattern. It is ideal for anyone who wants an urban and industrial look for their homes. Herringbone patterns can also create a subway-style effect in floors and walls.



Basket Weave Pattern

One of the more popular choices in floor tiles for sale in the market, this pattern can be achieved by using rectangular tiles and having tow tiles laid next to each other to form a square. The pair of tiles is then laid at 90 degrees to the first and so on.

Horizontal and vertical tiles alternate on the following rows which gives the impression that the tiles are woven over and under each other much like a basket.



Windmill Pattern

To create the windmill pattern, you need to use four rectangular tiles that are arranged around a square tile positioned in the center. Using a square tile and grout in a different color from the rectangles will make this pattern stand out.

Resembling a windmill, they are usually used on the floor rather than walls, but they can be used for your kitchen backsplash as well.



Pinwheel Tiles (Source - Caiuk)

(Source: Caiuk)

Pinwheel Pattern

The pinwheel is also called a hopscotch pattern. It is also similar to the windmill; the design uses a small square tile which is surrounded by much larger square tiles.

This creates the effect of a spinning pinwheel. Choose tiles in contrasting colors which will make the design stand out in the installation. The pattern is eye-catching and it is a unique floor design. It can also be used to create a border that will add finishing touches to your space.



Key Takeaway

Using standard and vintage tile patterns for installations will give your floor a timeless look. This will lessen the need to replace them and it will give your home a classic feel. It is important that you choose a selection that will match the overall design of your house.

Use ceramic tiles for added durability and their design pattern capabilities that can enhance how your home looks.