Ceramic Tiles Philippines: 9 Tips on Buying Floor Tiles for Your Home

What are the guidelines when buying floor tiles for your home?

  1. Plan ahead of time
  2. Put quality first
  3. Use grout as a design accent
  4. Choose a clean design
  5. Play with the lighting
  6. Measure the size
  7. Incorporate other details
  8. Utilize contrasting color
  9. Coordinate the tile design with the overall theme of the house


With all of the tile options available in the market, it can be overwhelming for a new homeowner. It is even more confusing when the different kinds of tiles such as vinyl, mosaic, and ceramic tiles in the Philippines are discussed. In addition to that, most tile depots often have a plethora of tile designs that can be too much for a person who has no idea about tiles.

Fortunately, this article contains everything that a homeowner needs to know about buying and choosing the best floor tiles in the Philippines.


Plan Ahead of Time

This is an important step that should be taken to heart by homeowners. Always keep in mind that no matter how careful tiles installers are, cracking and breaking of tiles is an inevitable phenomenon. Such scenarios are the reason why you should buy an additional 10% more tiles. The danger in buying only when there are already broken pieces is the difference in batch manufacturing. Sometimes even the exact same tile model can have a discrepancy in terms of shade.


Put Quality First

Never fall into the temptation of buying below-standard tiles just because of the price tag. Remember to look at the best floor tiles in the Philippines as an investment that will eventually pay off. By choosing to buy high-quality ceramic tiles in the Philippines, the chances of any future repairs are lessened since the initially installed tiles were already durable. On the other hand, buying cheaper tile options may result in a total redo of the floor work.


Use Grout Lines as Accents

Use Grout Lines as Accents

To add more visual impact to the floor design, here are some options: you can go for grout of the similar color to your tiles for a seamless look, a contrasting color for the pattern to stand out, or a neutral-colored grout as a safe option.


Choose a Clean Design

A classic tile design is by using clean and simple patterns, this works wonders both for large and small floor areas. The danger of using complex patterns, especially for small spaces, is that it has a tendency to look busy and cluttered instead of intricate and artistic.

For a foolproof design, use at least two complementary colors (or contrasting colors if you like) and incorporate an octagon dot accent for an added style. When introducing the octagon dot accent, choose a color that will pop out from the rest of the ceramic tiles from the Philippines.


Play with the Lighting

Not all of the rooms inside of a house have the same amount of natural light entering. There are several factors that affect the amount of light that penetrates inside.

The first factor is the difference between the environments outside of each room. If there are trees positioned at the west and north side of the house while the east and south parts are bare. Consequently, the east and south part of the house is bound to have more natural light and would appear brighter.

If the room does not have enough natural light that can penetrate inside, and the room appears dark and bleak, use bright earthy tones to counteract the darkness of the room. Make sure that the best floor tiles in the Philippines that will be used have varying intensities in terms of pigmentation so that patterns can still be incorporated. For an added depth and definition to the pattern, blend in several pieces of small and dark colored tiles as accent tones.


Measure the Size

Measure the Size

It’s easy to remember the rules when it comes to the room size and the tiles size because they have a direct correlation. If the room has a vast floor area, then use large tiles as well because the size of the tiles will emphasize the expanse of the space. Similarly, the same rules apply to a room with limited space. By utilizing small tiles, an illusion of a wider floor area is created.


Incorporate Other Details

If you only want a simple design approach but don’t want the style to be plain, utilize tiles that already have subtly beautiful details. There are plenty of ceramic tiles in the Philippines that already have artistic prints.

The detailed designs on tiles can vary from simple patterns to complex and intricate patterns. Try incorporating some patterned tile borders that have elegant detailing printed.


Make Use of Contrasting Colors

This technique is best applied to the exterior areas of the house like the porch and veranda. Another good area to incorporate this is at the steps of your porch because having contrasting colors lessen the chances of tripping. Porches that do not have any walls will appear brighter and more spacious if the color of the tiles contrasts the overall hue of the surrounding areas.


Coordinate the Tile Design with the Theme of the House

Coordinate the Tile Design with the Theme of the House

If you’re like those quirky house owners who have a different theme for each room in their house, then go ahead and feel free to choose varying designs and patterns. Surely, with hundreds of tile designs available in the market, you can achieve a unique design for every space. However, if you prefer that your house has a seamless overall aesthetic, then plan ahead and coordinate your picks from your garage to your bathroom.

For example, if the overall aesthetic of your home is more of traditional, and your choice of furniture for the porch area is wicker back chairs, then tiles that resemble wooden planks are a perfect choice.

If you have an elegant, Victorian setup, then dark-toned tiles contrasted with white colored grout can bring the aesthetic to life. This looks even better if there is a coffee table on the porch that could be perfect for tea-time relaxing.


Key Takeaway

Those are things you need to take note of when shopping for the best floor tiles in the Philippines. If you want to know more about other flooring options in the Philippines, feel free to contact our team here at FC Tiles!