4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles for Your Laundry Room

What are the 4 reasons you should choose ceramic or porcelain tiles for your laundry room?

  1. They are hard wearing and durable
  2. They have a classic and timeless appearance
  3. They come in many different options
  4. They are easy to maintain


The laundry room is one of the areas in your home where you have to carefully consider what kind of flooring options you want to install. In most cases, people choose laminated flooring or floor tiles. However, in the Philippines, many homeowners are choosing tiles as the suitable option because it gives a new level of aesthetic structure to the room. At the same time, it is functional for those who use it.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are both high performing flooring options which make them the most suitable installation for laundry rooms. What makes them stand out from the rest, you ask? Find out below.


Hard Wearing and Durable

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are excellent in terms of durability and longevity. They are made from natural elements and manufactured with the utmost precision; it comes as no surprise that it is a great flooring option for laundry rooms.

They are resistant to chipping and scratches but you have to take note that you should choose the right tile provider to find these flooring options in order to be satisfied with your floor tile purchases. As these flooring options possess a high level of strength, you can trust that they can retain their original condition more than other flooring selection in the market.

For the laundry room, you would want to have a flooring installation that can withstand the daily wear and tear in the area and sometimes this can be found in the leaks of water strewn all around. You would be glad to know that these tiles are highly susceptible to these types of damage and their resistance to water makes them the most ideal for these type of room.


Classic and Timeless Appearance

If you want to have a flooring option that will outlast the strength of time, then you should go for porcelain and ceramic tiles. FC Tiles Depot’s [20×23] YH21 Hexa-orange is a classic you would want to opt for. It sports a classic and clean look perfect for laundry room:

[20x23] YH21 Hexa-orange

In addition, ceramic tiles like this one can be paired with others to create a stylish design that will probably inspire you to always do your laundry. Their effortless and beautiful quality makes them a great booster for the aesthetic quality of the room.


Comes in Many Different Options

The great thing about porcelain and ceramic tile is that they both come in many different kinds of shapes, colors, sizes, and textures. Whatever preference you may have, you are bound to find a fit in a good tile distributor’s entire product catalog.

When it comes to this, take your time and don’t rush. Consider your options properly before choosing the design of your floor tiles in the Philippines. You can even match it with the rest of your house’s interior especially if you are looking to have a uniform look in all your rooms.


Ease of Maintenance

Another great characteristic of ceramic and porcelain tiles is that they are easy to maintain. Cleaning them is a simple task. In fact, you can just get the materials you already have lying around your house.

Just get a mop, water, and soap to keep the surface free of gunk. You can do this thrice a week. In other times, you can just grab a broom and sweep the floors. If you really want to do some heavy cleaning, get an old toothbrush, water, and soap and start brushing—these should be great for cleaning the grout.


Key Takeaway

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most suitable flooring options for your laundry area. They are perfect for practical reasons such as being durable and being easy to maintain and clean.

If you are after style and design, don’t worry because FC Tiles Depot has got you covered! We have various ceramic and porcelain tiles to look for. Click here to see our entire catalog.