Celebrating World Interiors Day With A Purpose

World Interiors Day (WID) 2020 is celebrated across the globe today, May 23rd of 2020. It is no secret that the whole world is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Private sectors and big businesses in the country have been active in extending aid to our countrymen as we continue to grapple with the pandemic. This year, in celebration of World Interiors Day, we are turning the spotlight to these Interior Design Studios that continuously provide aid through fundraising efforts and utilizing their passion to help fight the invisible enemy.



With the rising number of COVID-19 patients, several hospitals across the nation have declared that they can no longer accommodate patients as it reached the maximum capacity of their facility. John Ryan Santos + Partners, responded to the shortage of beds in the Philippine hospitals by shifting their operations to design a Rapid-Build Hospital Isolation Units (RBHI). The proposed facility can be buildable in two weeks and can be built within the land area of hospitals. John Ryan Santos + Partners are currently working with private health sectors as they implement this project.

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Morfosis Design1

Morfosis Design2

Morfosis Design responses to COVID-19 through designing different versions of sanitation stations. Aside from this, they also advocate #helpfromhome by promoting various donation drives through their Instagram account @morfosis_ph. These include the Kampihan Fund Raising Community for aerosol boxes, making of medical face shields (Michelle Ong), Globe’s initiatives through rewards app, EvolvePH Communities for face masks, and also together with GSG Architects and Siteline DBS to put up ‘Sunnytation tents’. All of these generous efforts mostly for the benefit of our dear frontliners.

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DSG Design Studio

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DSG Design Studio also takes this time as an opportunity to share information on how to help others while being safe at home. Through their Instagram account, they prove that there are so many ways that we can extend our care for everyone, especially our frontliners. They post donation drives of several institutions such as UNICEF, Rapid Deployment Hospitals, Frontline Feeders PH, We Build As One, Barya Ni Juan, No Juan Hungry PH, to name a few. Visit their instagram account @dsgdesignstudiomnl to know more about these!

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The recent pandemic affected many aspects of our lives and these Interior Design Studios deserve recognition as they use their passion to be part of the solution to our healthcare problem. This battle is not just for our medical practitioners, but it is all for us to defeat in our own little ways. Together, we heal as one.