Boost Your Next Home Makeover with The Stellar Collection

How can you boost your next home makeover with the Stellar collection?

  1. Spruce up your bathroom with Dolomite Y1GL17GE
  2. Try Jet Black Y1KK-227G look for bedroom floors
  3. Transform your kitchen with Black Pearl Y1GL25GE
  4. Create lux furniture pieces with Arctic Gray Y1GL24GE


The marble look will never go out of style. However, it has definitely risen to popularity over the past years due to the adoption of contemporary interior design. To welcome the New Year ahead, opt for a Stellar collection home makeover. You just might be surprised at how it can spruce up your space and impress guests.

Visually, the features of marble looks can instantly make spaces look expensive. Among all the tiles for sale, it is the one often associated with refined luxury and sophistication. Using natural marble for flooring can easily break anyone’s bank. Fortunately, the Stellar collection offers cheaper marble-look designs in large porcelain slabs that offer elegant colors.

The marble look is also versatile. Transform every space of your home using these stain-free, porous, and low-maintenance tiles. Everyone is embracing marble designs with stunning finishes. So if you want to hop on the trend, here is the ultimate guide. Read on!

Spruce Up Your Bathroom with Dolomite Y1GL17GE

60x120 Y1gl17ge

[60×120] Y1GL17GE

Crafting a white space without looking dull can be challenging. But, adding classic marble-look tiles like the Dolomite Y1GL17GE will exude a sleek visual in bathrooms easily.

This is one of the best ways to transform bland-looking showers and faucet areas. Moreover, the color white has the ability to make bathrooms look minimalist and spacious.

Remember to be as creative as you can. Try using the tiles for the bathtub as well. It is perfect for making a unified and serene statement.


Try Jet Black Y1KK-227G Look for Bedroom Floors

60x120 Y1kk 227g

[60×120] Y1KK-227G

Jet black tiles, especially large slabs, never go out of style in modern interiors. You simply can never go wrong with it. This is especially true if you plan to take on a bold bedroom design. Use these tiles for your floors and come home to spaces that beam with a powerful impression of glam and elegance.

Most homeowners stray away from using jet black tiles because of the fear of creating a dark and unwelcoming effect. But don’t worry! With the right elements, you can easily create sought-after spaces that are timeless.

A great design tip would be to start with the bedroom floors. To create a striking jet black look, you should take into consideration elements such as wood, brass, or white accents. This is the key to harmonizing the color shades.


Transform Your Kitchen with Black Pearl Y1GL25GE

60x120 Y1gl25ge

[60×120] Y1GL25GE

If you are looking for an easy way to spruce up your kitchen, then using the marble-look tiles will provide you with just that.

Trends may come and go, but it seems like marble-look kitchens will never get old. Beyond its functional capacity of durability, these tiles make cooking and eating meals more pleasing. One glimpse is enough to tell this staple design becomes the focal point in any space.

The dramatic veining of the Black Pearl Y1GL25GE from the Stellar collection will act as a piece of art specifically for your kitchen countertops. Additionally, these tiles are easy to maintain and clean. It certainly ensures one less problem for food spills.


Create Lux Furniture Pieces with The Arctic Gray Y1GL24GE

60x120 Y1gl24ge

[60×120] Y1GL24GE

While it’s true that the marble look is often incorporated on walls, floors, and countertops, you should never limit your creativity with these tiles. Homeowners who are seeking to infuse some lux into their spaces can simply add marble-look tiles to create rustic furniture pieces.

Choosing the right marble design will always come down to your personal preference. Likewise, you don’t have to stick to just the classic color white. A rustic marble-look tile like the Arctic Gray Y1GL24GE can be used for tabletops and faucets. Matching the tiles to the floors will do the trick in creating harmonious spaces.


You can also opt for marble outdoor tables since the material is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.


Key Takeaway

Choose to incorporate a Stellar collection home makeover. Here, the tiles exude timeless elegance unlike any other.

At FC Tile Depot, we are constantly in the avant-garde of architecture and interior design trends. Through the years, we craft a myriad of marble-look tiles for transforming our customer’s spaces.

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