Best Tiles for Millennial Condo Spaces

What are the best tiles for millennial condo spaces?

  1. Travertine
  2. Olympia
  3. Titan
  4. Slate


For architects and designers, it is important to take into account the tastes of the millennials when it comes to creating interior plans for condo spaces. After all, they are the ones dominating office spaces and starting a lot of modern enterprises. Thus, there are the ones with the money to buy or rent rooms in the apartments you are working on.

This list of tiles in the Philippines is meant to help you because they appeal to the tastes and needs of the millennial generation in their own ways.



30x30 Travertine
30×30 Travertine


Filipino millennials are one of the busiest people at present thanks to the fast-paced lives they live. Because most choose to work in cities such as BGC and Makati, they have no choice but to live with constant noise. Noise from traffic, crowds, and workmates.

When they go home, they can find it difficult to rest their minds. Most spend their breaks after work to watch shows, play games or check social media on their phones. Because of their overall situation, it is no wonder that they are choosing to live a more minimalist lifestyle. They are choosing to cut out stuff and focusing on their responsibilities and deep connections.

As a designer, try to appeal to millennials by designing a condo space that makes them relax and forget the outside noise of their crammed lives. You can do this by installing Travertine wall tiles in the Philippines such as the 30×30 L46 Cool or the 30×30 L48 Crème for this., which is heavily based on the color white. White can benefit your millennial target market because it naturally looks clean and peaceful. These traits can inspire them to be more reflective in a world that does not give them much time to slow down.



30x30 Olympia
30×30 Olympia

In terms of art, millennials tend to be attracted to pieces with a lot of abstract patterns. In fact, there are those who tend to prefer digital art that showcases one or two main patterns, which looks complicated and futuristic yet is grounded because it only has a few colors. It mixes traditional minimalism and uniqueness, to form a new type of minimalism unique to Millennials.

Olympia floor tiles may be great for the condo space you plan on designing because these might attract millennials who love abstract patterns like a lot of their peers.

You might want to check out the 30×30 L34 Taupe which is filled with groovy shapes of triangles and rectangles while 30×30 L41 Rhombus stands out with its elegantly-patterned diamond shapes.



30x30 Titan
30×30 Titan

A lot of millennials are choosing to be freelancers who work from home. As their own boss, they find it easier to achieve their work-life balance and have the option of picking out their own job schedule. Therefore, it is not hard to find many of them using apartment rooms and houses as their workspaces.

As a designer, it can be very helpful to visualize the independent nature of millennial freelancer into your design. Many of them want to buy or rent condo spaces that will inspire them to be efficient five days a week. You can appeal to their professional needs by adding Titan wall tiles in the Philippines to your projects.

The brown tiles, the 30×30 E3885 Sand and 30×30 F3038 Crème, of the Titan Collection, can give the energetic push for millennials to focus on their job outputs and clients. A lot of offices add brown through wooden furniture or wall color because it is a muted, but bold color.



60x60 Slate
60×60 Slate

Millennials, despite their general forward-thinking nature, are ironically attracted to rustic looking interior design. They love living spaces with a lot of traditional looking wood and stone, materials reminiscent of old farm living. Design experts would call this style “Modern Rustic Design”.

The modern rustic design draws in millennial customers because it allows them to combine the rural and urban environment. It allows them to remember the past without forgetting the modern present they live in. Lastly, it looks elegant and informally casual at the same time.

Despite borrowing traditional elements of the past, modern rustic design condo space can be easy for you to fulfill with Slate ceramic tiles in the Philippines. The 60×60 6168P Cedar and 60×60 6198-6 Grunge tiles will particularly remind them of the stones and rocks that are always near farmhouses and traditional homes of their grandparents.


Key Takeaway

The millennials, as this list will show, have all sorts of needs and wants. Their tastes in art, work, and design are all a reflection of the changes they are experiencing in their working adult life. Luckily, you can find all these best tiles for millennial condo spaces at FC Tile Depot. Take your pick from our tile selections here!